14’’ Posable Halloween Skeleton, Pumpkin Head Full Body Halloween Skeleton with Movable Joints for Haunted House Props Decorations

Pack of 2

  • Halloween posable skeleton with pumpkin head, made of high quality plastic. With portable dimension: 14’’/35cm (height) x 4’’10cm (width).
  • Built in posable joints, shoulder joints, elbows and wrists are constructed to provide a range of motion for placing the arms of the skeleton in any positions.
  • The Halloween skeleton can sit, stand, hang or be positioned any other way you like. Also it will be very cool to dress up these skeletons for Halloween or any other parties.
  • Great decoration for Haunted House, graveyard scenes, Halloween parties, model for artwork and for frightening trick-or treaters. It must be a spooky addition to any Halloween scene or decoration.
  • Package include: 2pcs Halloween posable skeleton with pumpkin head -14” tall
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
I really wanted that giant target pumpkin skeleton but it’s too big for my small apartment. These guys are perfect. Great size for me and i didn’t expect the poseable joints to actually hold so well. Good quality and two skeletons for a good price.
Was great for a door decoration.
I ordered these last minute so I kept them as a decoration. If I had more time I would have returned them only because they were way over priced for what they are. They were cool though. They can stand on their own and go in different poses so they can be used in differed displays, such as climbing up a pumpkin or hanging from your door wreath. Still very expensive for the quality.
These are going in my bathroom for Halloween. Easily posable and the right size for my counter. Will also hang one on the towel rack. I’d buy more if they were cheaper.
They’re good size for what I’m using them for I do not like skeleton heads so the pumpkins were perfect
I guess I didn’t read the description carefully but they are very small. For some reason I thought they were much bigger. They are still cute and worth the money. I would buy again.
I was very satisfied
I love these guys! They are not big which is perfect for table decorations.