2000 Bulk Sterilization Pouches, Sterilizer Autoclave Bags for Sterilizing Cleaning Medical and Dental Instruments Tools

10 Boxes of 200 (12” x 19”)

  • BULK SELF-STERILIZATION BAGS: PlastCare USA provides boxes of 200 pouches. These sterilizing bags keep teeth cleaning instruments and other dental tools sterilized until their next use. Keep your dental office or lab clean and sterile with these pouches.
  • EFFECTIVE INFECTION CONTROL: These self-sterilization pouches help ensure the safety of staff members and dental patients alike.
  • KEEP TOOLS CLEAN: After instruments have been cleaned, they must be placed in sterile bags or pouches to ensure that they remain sterile until their next use. This is true for nail technicians, dentists, and other medical professionals. Knowing you’re getting clean and sterile instruments is a very calming thought when sitting in the dentist chair.
  • MAINTAIN ORGANIZATION: Not only do these pouches help with sterilization but they also improve organization. These pouches act as organizers as they keep dental tool kits together so all the instruments are in the same place.
  • HOW TO USE: Fold perforation back and crease with the protective strip still in place. While wearing gloves, load the clean instruments into the pouch. Do not overfill bag. We recommend filling ¾ full. Make sure instruments don’t pierce package. Expel excess air. Remove strip from adhesive, and fold at perforated line and adhere to both the plastic and the paper to form a tight seal.
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High quality and I am highly recommend this to salons and personal services!
Porfavor no me han hecho devolución del dinero cuando ya el artículo fue devuelto no veo reembolso en mi cuenta
Just the right size and very well made
Came in fast around holiday time. Good product
Was not big enough