3 Swords Germany, brand quality STAINLESS STEEL INOX CURVED CUTICLE SCISSORS (1 PIECE) with case for manicure pedicure

nail care by 3 Swords, Made in Solingen Germany

Color Cuticle Scissors
Material Stainless Steel
Brand 3 Swords Germany
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 0.26 x 0.71 x 0.04 inches
  • CUTICLE SCISSORS “Stainless steel curved” by 3 Swords Germany for hand and foot care. Cuticle scissors are used for removing loosened cuticles and remnants of skin. A very sharp and finely forged cutting edge is the hallmark of good cuticle scissors.
  • QUALITY Our cuticle scissors are durable, specially hardened and ground extra sharp. Thanks to the refined and delicate tip, cuticles and tiny remnants of skin can be comfortably and safely removed. Stainless steel guarantees high durability.
  • POUCH For safe and hygienic storage, the scissors come in a high-quality faux leather pouch. The pouch is easy to keep closed with a snap fastener and can be conveniently stowed in handbags or toiletry bags.
  • ORIGINAL Given the proven quality of the Drei Schwerter brand, you can be assured that our scissors are a durable, long-lasting manicure product. All of our steel instruments are stamped with our trademark and can’t be confused with cheap imported goods.
  • NAIL CARE is an important part of body care; well-groomed hands are a sign of physical well-being and are your visual business card! Based on our many years of experience, we will be glad to provide you with advice and assistance even after your purchase.
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
At long last I have found some fingernail scissors that work really well. The ones that come in manicure sets don’t cut but bend my nails and I wind up ripping my nails off which sometimes messes up my cuticles. These are so sharp and it is so easy to cut my nails. So happy.
Very nice pair, sharp, cuts nail’s easy. Would buy again.
This is exactly what you hoped it would be - an outstanding cuticle scissor. If that is what you need, go ahead and spend a couple extra bucks to get this. It’ll last forever and you will like it.
Really good quality.
Stays sharp. Blades are right size for all size fingers and nails.
Very impressed! These are high quality and a great price. I will definitely buy more products from this company.
Good price, good German quality.
I’m very particular about scissors for fingernails. And I usually change half a dozen till something hits the spot after a prior brakes. And usually it takes ages to break because I choose them so carefully. These ones hit the spot! They are nimble strong and sharp
These scissors replaced a beloved pair I had been using for 25 years to trim my nails. When it was time for a replacement I was sceptical about sharpness, size and shape. These scissors are sharp for trimming nails and cuticles. The shape is perfect for my hand and the curvature of the blade is perfect. One note however, my husband decided to ”borrow” them to trim his nose hairs and I was told they didn’t cut any hair at all, and the point at the end was very sharp as they caused a nose bleed. A lesson learned to use a product for what is was made for!
The best nail scissors I’ve had in a long time.
Good quality at a good price.
Las tijeras están muy bien construidas, muy bien afiladas y llegan hasta los espacios más pequeños donde se une la uña a la piel en los pies.
They broke the first day of use. The screw became loose and keeps falling off every time I use the scissors.
good scissor but the tip is not precise enough for me to cut around the cuticle