AMAZTIM Smart Watches for Men, 50M Waterproof Rugged Military Grade Bluetooth Call(Answer/Dial Calls),Health Tracker for Android Phones and iPhone Compatible

1.72” Heart Rate/Blood Pressure Watch

Model Name C20 PRO
Style Modern
Color Black
Screen Size 1.72
Special Feature Blood Pressure Monitor, Activity Tracker, Phone Call, Notifications
Shape Rectangular
Age Range (Description) Adult
Compatible Devices Smartphone
Compatible Phone Models Compatible with android 5.1 & ios 10.0 dnd above
  • ⌚Military Standard Verification -AMAZTIM C20 PRO features the combination of 1.72” Corning Gorilla Glass screen enclosed by space aluminum alloy metal, making it the toughest and sturdiest watch. Successfully passed 12 (Twelve Military Tests) Including, extreme temperature, lowest pressure altitude, dust resistance, salt spray, fluid pollution. Certified to MIL-STD810H , our smart watches for men ensures that you use them confidently in a variety of harsh conditions. No matter how tough and hard the environment is, our rugged smartwatch is going to be your ongoing reliable companion.
  • ⌚Extremely Resistant to Damage - Our fully enclosed slim shell designed RUGGED smart watch can be immersed in 50M (IP69K waterproof) deep water. The durable smart watch is a proven survivor of extreme conditions and has passed the drilling, crushing and hot steam scouring test which makes sports watch suitable to be used in high temperature and high pressure.
  • ⌚Bluetooth Call Speaker - Empowered by its exceptional Bluetooth chipset, C20 PRO smartwatch not only allows making or receiving phone calls(Answer/Make Calls)), but enables to control play music player on your phone from this smartwatch. Directly using the watch to make and answer calls makes the scenes that are inconvenient to hold a mobile phone in daily exercise and life more concise and smart.
  • ⌚Know Your Health Status - The blood pressure watch has a real time monitoring feature which collects data about your health, 24 hours heart rate monitoring and real time blood pressure and blood oxygen. Health Tracker for Android Phones and iPhone Compatible help you to monitor sleep. Fitness tracker watch contains a pedometer which allows controlling the calories burnt throughout the day.
  • ⌚Live an Efficient Life - To make your everyday life easier, AMAZTIM smart watch for android phones comes with a touch screen and features like 1.72” high-end brightness and 280x320 resolutions for a better visual experi.
  • ⌚Keep your Activities on Track - AMAZTIM mens smart watches comes with 24 sports modes, such as running, walking, trail running, cycling, climbing, skiing, swimming, basketball, football and baseball. Efficiency and accuracy of our bluetooth watch data reminds you to rest timely and perform all your physical activities.Make this black friday memorable with this great gift idea for your friends and family.
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
All my life I’ve been hard on watches, and smart watches are no exception. While searching for a new one I came across this. The price is what got my attention and as I read on I became more and more convinced this was the one for me.

It has a nice, rugged look to it, not like the dainty, fragile look many higher priced ones have. I’m retired military and am impressed with the fact that it passed the military toughness standard, (MIL-STD 810H). Try that with a three hundred dollar named brand watch!

At first I was concerned about the thickness. I wear long sleeved shirts while working even during summer and was thinking the sleeve would get hung up. Not a problem here. However, I do have small wrists so some people might have an issue.

The watch is easy to use and with the accompanying app, easy to set up and customize. For the past week I’ve worn this for about fifteen hours a day. I turn it off when I get home for the day and turn it on the next morning. It still has about eighty percent battery power.

It has many activity trackers, but being sixty eight years old I won’t be using many, if any of those. I do like and use the health trackers though. I know those are not that accurate but they give a good ball park reading. I have only one issue with this watch....

I use a bluetooth while at work so I can make and answer calls hands free without disturbing those around me and continue working. If I make a call using the watch phone feature the other party’s voice comes through the watch not through the bluetooth. I had to disable the watch phone feature, which I really wanted to use. But, that’s ok, I can live with it.

If you want a decent smart watch built for the every day, blue collor worker, this is the one for you.
this is a good watch, I liked the blood pressure monitor, and sleep monitor. If you mostly want a fitness watch, this one may be a good choice esp if you want military grade, but it is a bit bulky. Most smartwatches all seem to use the same DaFit software, so they will all likely have the same limitations. My experience was this watch’s sensors were fairly close to being on spot for spO2, bpm, bp, steps count.
Unfortunately the spO2 blood oxygen monitor is only when you press the button. It doesn’t measure your spO2 continuously during sleep time which is what I need, and this was a deal breaker for me.
Then again, for the price, you can’t expect too much.

I went with the versa 4 over this, which provides continuous spO2 monitor during sleeping hours and provides more accurate sleep data. It provides a graph showing how spO2 fluctuates during sleep time which the AMAZTIM doesn’t do. Versa 4 can only receive calls, not make any calls.
versa also lacks blood pressure monitor. It also reminds me to move if I’m idle for an hour or more.

The iWatch has it all, but cost 400-800 depending on model.

Neck to neck between versa 4 and iWatch 8, the iWatch wins, it has alot of extra functions like ability to watch youtube which you may or may never need. However the iWatch will cost alot more, and you need to already own iphone. I have not tested the iWatch for sleep data and spO2.
I like it so far but working as a welder I think I cracked the screen,metal is just too unforgiving but it keeps accurate information,from time, to steps, to bp, to heart. It’s a great watch just cracked screen
Love the watch. Finally I have a smart watch I can wear in the shower and the pool. Like every other smart watch, though, it tends to reset certain settings, like the ”shake to on” and the ”phone on / off”. But that’s no big deal. The strap is a pain. Not crazy about the material. I’m looking for a better strap that won’t come loose and get in the way. All in all, the watch is great.
I will tell you one thing about this smartwatch the battery life I know especially for the one I have is incredible it is very good battery life but it works incredible it does what it’s supposed to do if you know how to operate it so buy one do not be scared try and see if not send it back but I believe you’ll be very happy with it
I liked :
1. Lightweight
2. Easy to read face at a glance .
3. Watch face gives time, date,steps. Heartbeat, distance.
4. Battery lasts maybe a week
Mobile app is easy to use. Battery has lasted about four days without recharge.
Cardiologist was pleased to see that readings this product gave were same as monitors used in his office after several comparisons. Unit was new so we will compare again during my next office visit in six months.
I like being able to change face showing just time or all info at a glance. Wish one or two of face options were offered in another color.
This is a good watch, but after a little over a month it broke. Would give it a 5 if it were a bit more durable