Bert’s Garden Durable Steel Bulb Planter with Chrome Plated Finish and Depth Measurements on The Side

Easy Soil- Release, Plant Tulips, Daffodils and Transplant Seedlings

Material Alloy Steel, Plastic
Color Gray
Special Feature Durable
Shape Round
Brand Bert’s Garden
  • QUALITY: This bulb planter is made of durable steel and won’t bend under pressure. Twist the shovel gently back and forth till its at the desired depth. The handle is made of plastic. This tool has some strong spring action to help hold the dirt as it is lifted from the hole that is made by this tool. This tool is about 10” x 5.5”
  • PERFECT SIZE: This bulb shovel is the perfect size to planting most bulbs. It also has the depth indicated on one side so that you can be sure to plant the bulb the correct depth.
  • EASY TO USE: Squeeze the handle and plunge it into the dirt, then release handle to pickup the dirt. Once the bulb has been placed in the hole, squeeze the handle again and the dirt will drop on top of the bulb. Great for bulbs as well as transplanting seedlings.
  • GROW BULBS YEAR-ROUND: This tool can be used for so many bulbs like Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus, Iris, Day Lilly, Gladiolas and many more. Have your garden blooming year round with successive bulb plantings.
  • COMES WITH BERT’S TIPS: Bert, the expert gardener and grower, has over 30 years of teaching and growing experience to share with all of you! This is his passion, educating the home gardener!
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Comment And Reviews
Plastic handle is flimsy but has lasted so far.