Durable Mesh Laundry Bags for Delicates Wash Bag for Lingerie Clothes Jeans Bath Towel Sock Travel Organization Bag (2 Shoe bags(10” x 16”))

Brand RIRO
Color 2 shoe bags
Product Dimensions 4”L x 4”W x 0.2”H
Special Feature Durable
Size 2 Shoe bags(10” x 16”)
Number of Sets 2
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
The product works very well. I am able to put just enough in each bag and still have no problems in the washer.
I am pleased with these bags and like having multiple ones to use at a time. They are well made and will be useful in a variety of ways.
The zipper stays closed in the washer and dryer.
I actually got these large shoe bags to put my down vests and jackets, so their zippers won’t bang in the washing machine and in the dryer, and they’ve worked perfectly as I imagined for large items like these. I’ve been able to put 2 down vests in one and a light down packable coat in the other.

I’ve now been using them to put in one of them more delicate lingerie that gets very wrinkly in my old smaller flat mesh bags, including bras, and all of my leggings and socks in the other. Everything comes out of the dryer much more protected and in better condition, not wrinkly.

Only thing to mention is that one of the loops broke while hanging on a small hook I keep in the closet. I hang this one now from the hole in the zipper.

I’ve been using these for 2 months now, and they remain like new still. They are very well sewn, and the mesh is durable and strong. I want to specially mention the unique elastic guard to protect the zippers. Other laundry bags I’ve owned did not have an elastic guard, and it makes a difference as it’s easier to push the zipper in it, and the elastic holds both the slider and the pull in place.

I highly recommend these large shoe bags not only for shoes, but also for larger items, or a bunch of smaller items. So far, so great!
Essentially indistinguishable from other bags of this type I’ve bought for laundry. They’re great for holding socks, delicate fabrics, etc, to keep them from getting lost or damaged in the laundry. So far the zippers have stayed closed in the washer and dryer with no issues.
I originally ordered these to wash my Rothy’s. This bag can easily store multiple pairs. For travel, I can easily fit 4 pairs of my size 10s or a 5th if they were completely full, but for washing, I wouldn’t recommend more than 2 or 3 pairs to give room for agitation. My husband’s size 12 sneakers are about the perfect size for washing. A second pair would make it too snug.

The net mesh is thick and durable. The zipper pull is plastic with an elastic end to fit the pull into. The loop is a nice addition for hanging to dry.

I expect these to last me for years of washing and travel. Definitely recommend!
Picture shows the bag with a 4t kids shirt on it for size reference. These have worked great for everything from bras to stockings, to dresses.
These mesh laundry bags are as expected, with smooth zippers and a zipper sleeve to prevent the zipper from opening during the wash. I use these to keep all my socks together, because hunting for lost socks makes laundry day even more of a chore.