Electric Fabric Scissors ACETOP Cordless Power Sewing Scissors Rechargeable Box Cutter with 2 Type Cutting Blades and USB Cable for Cutting craft cardboard Leather Curtain Carpet (Blue)

Color Blue
Material Aluminum, Plastic, Polyvinyl Chloride
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Style Classic
  • 【Widely Application】These electric scissors are ideal tools for cutting various materials, including: canvas, carpet, cardboard, corrugated, denim, fabric, leather, plastic, tarp, wallpaper, vinyl and other thin materials. No need to cut thing manually.
  • 【Cordless and Rechargeable】Cordless power scissors allow you to carry out projects anytime, anywhere without using messy wires. And the tool is easy to use and can be carried with you, whether at home, in the garage or in the workshop.
  • 【2 Type Blades】”O” blade for cutting soft material, such as fabric; ”D” blade for cutting hard material, such as PVC board. The combination of two blades makes your cutting work more efficient and faster.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】The shape of the electric scissors conforms to the ergonomic design, and it can be used for precise and labor-saving cutting every time.
  • 【Cutting Thickness】Cotton fabric - within 8mm; leather, blanket and corrugated cardboard - within 6mm; cloth carpet - within 3.5mm; plastic carpet, PVC plastic plate - within 3mm; plant stem - within 2mm; hard leather - within 2mm; Aluminum/Tin sheet - within 0.4mm.
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
Cuts through two layers of denim like butter amazingly easy to cut a straight line without a guide and will save you from getting blisters if you have a lot of cutting to do these colors also work amazing on fiberglass and a lot of thinner plastics!
i like very good
No me funciono para lo que yo quería pero si corta bien
Great idea. Takes practice.
These are great for a seamstress like myself they’re really loud though.
Amo esta tijera , corta super el carton
They were cheap and they do what they’re meant to do, but boy do they seem bootleg. There’s a ”safety switch” that doesn’t do anything at all. I don’t think it even connects with the internal machinery in any way. Not sure if I’m gonna keep them or return them yet.
the item works great and comes with 2 different blades
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This is a gift for Christmas, so I hope my girlfriend likes it. UPDATE: SHE LOVES IT.

I was a little worried because it only came with the same blade, not two blades for different materials, which other machines seem to have. I ordered this one because of the good reviews. I am not sure how long the battery lasts per charge usage and/or longevity. Itt says it takes 3 hrs to charge, which is a long time and the battery is not external, like some other models.

The company however is very responsive and quick, they did answer the questions in no time. So if that is what their customer service is like - its 5 star!!!

They said: There are different machines (colour coded for the different blades). This particular tool is suppose to quote ”cut soft materials within 8mm thickness and hard ones within 5mm. And materials that are too high hardness can not be used, suitable for materials with moderate hardness, such as cutting fabrics, canvas, carpets, leather, rubber, cardboard, garments, textiles, tarps, paper, wallpaper, etc.”

So that doesn’t sound too bad. I tried it very briefly and it seems fine. I charged it for a while, so she can try it out immediately.

I just question how long it will last with an internal battery that cannot be changed in the future and 3 hrs seems a little long wait time for charging.

Anyway, it will be up to her if she thinks she can use it, otherwise may need to return after Christmas.
But I will update.
I’ve only had these scissors for one day so I can’t tell you much about them yet. They are fairly light to handle and the interchangeable heads are easy to remove and replace. I love the green colour -makes them stand out on my cutting table. They quickly cut through my sample fabric and made cutting around curves simple. Love that they are USB rechargeable. Will update on how long a full charge lasts and how well they’ll cut through multiple layers of fabric.
Cuts great. Accurate straight cuts are easy to do. Problem with button that has to be pressed before trigger will power up machine . Difficult to do with one hand, but I like these scissors.
Je voulais l’utiliser pour couper du tissus mais c’est extrêmement difficile à garder droit dû à une trop grande vibration. La lame du bas est courbée. Ça coupe correct, à condition de ne pas être difficile sur la précision. Je me suis trouvé un mastercraft, plus longue lame, celle du bas est droite, fonctionne bien mieux.