Florona Lemongrass Essential Oil USDA Organic, 4 fl oz

Therapeutic Grade for Hair Care, Skin Care,Diffuser Aromatherapy, 4 fl oz

Scent Lemongrass USDA
Unit Count 4 Fl Oz
Material Feature Organic
Number of Items 1
  • ✅ INGREDIENTS - 100% pure, premium grade Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil 4oz (Cymbopogon flexuosus).
  • ✅ CONCENTRATED OIL - Always dilute Organic Lemongrass essential oil with carrier oil such as Coconut Oil or Sweet Almond oil for topical applications on the desired area.
  • ✅UPLIFTS MOOD - USDA Organic essential oil Lemongrass can uplift you mood and relax your senses. This oil allows feelings of joy to take over.
  • ✅HIGH QUALITY GLASS BOTTLE W/ PREMIUM GLASS DROPPER - Our Lemongrass Essential Oil Organic comes in an amber glass bottle to keep out UV rays and protect the oil against sunlight. We also provide a Glass Dropper so you can get the exact amount of oil you need without any waste.
  • ✅Essential Oil Lemongrass Blends - Always blends well with basil, cedarwood, coriander, geranium, jasmine, lavender and tea tree oils & a perfect gift for Father’s Day.
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
The smell is not pleasant but it is also not disgusting.
This oil is very good to have handy at home. Very good to massage pains. It’s very therapeutic. A drop or two under the tongue chase anything away a cold, cough, flue etc when taken in early stage of your feelings. If you are down with something it helps you back to health.
Es un producto fácil de usar. Me encanta agregar unas gotas al agua con la que finalizó la limpieza del suelo de mi casa, es una fragancia agradable, no es nada molesta, yo la uso en los difusores de mi auto y de mi hogar. Es la tercera vez que compro de estos aceites y de ellos dos veces ha sido de Jazmín. Lo adoré!
This is a super nice large quantity of Lemony fresh smelling essential oil. I use it in a mixture for homemade cleaning supplies. The packaging is very fancy and beautiful, can be given as a gift. I am sure it would please anyone who loves the sweet smell of fresh lemon.
As a person with sensitive skin, I have to use unscented laundry detergent. To give my clothes a nice smell, I add a few drops of the lemongrass essential oil during the drying cycle. It gives a refreshing lemon scent. If you want to use this trick, avoid using it in the wash cycle; it’ll just wash the precious scent away!
I am not using this for my air defender since I found the prefect scent for the application.

However, I put this on items I wear. The smell is so clean and fresh it is one of my favorite scents.
The dropper’s plunger doesn’t stay fixed to the top and slides down the glass tube of the dropper. For some reason it causes oil to release from the top of the bottle. Had to put the lid back on and get a new dropper.
I am a crafter and enjoy keeping essential oils around the house. I recently starting growing my hair out and read that rosemary oil can help, so I purchased this product. I put my shampoo in my hand and add 2-3 drops of this oil, then massage into scalp and rinse as normal - I’m not sure on results yet since I just started about a week ago, but I LOVE the smell and so does my husband. It’s strong, but not overpowering and my scalp feels fresh and clean.
I have purchased the Peppermint, lavender and Jasmine essential oils and they are all great quality and a great price! This Peppermint one is very strong which I like! I accidentally spilled some on my arm while opening it and it’s still tingling quite a bit later lol but no burning or irritation at all! I’ll definitely purchase again!
This oil dissolves plastic (keyboard, measuring spoons, aromatherapy vaporizer, etc)! How can it be pure and natural? I am quite sure there are at least traces of strong solvents in it. Do not buy if you expect to have a pure product. Very disappointing and I think it is an unsafe product.Forgot to add: at the time of purchase on Dec 2020, the description of the product contained the word organic. It is very misleading since there is nothing organic about this product. I wish I could have tested it earlier so I could get my money back.
NOT real essential oil as stated on the label.
i put it in my oil diffuser and it made the entire room smell like sneeze! It has a cute packaging but it didnt smell good at all
From my understanding, it’s impossible to get 100% authentic 100% pure essentials oil for this amount of oils from this price. Especially like Jasmine oil, where you can only get 1 ml of absolute oil from 8000 hand picked jasmine petals. However, I think the product is really good quality and good scented oil. If you only need something for making space or items smell good, without paying big price tag for oils like Saje, I totally recommend getting these. If you need something really fancy and 100% safe for important usage, for example, to put on face or use in skin care products, then I recommend paying more for Saje just to be safe.
This item had been previously opened. Items were strewn about inside and bubble wrap shoved in. The oil itself had the plastic wrap around the top but it was stretched so someone had opened the bottle and put the cap back on with the plastic still intact. The smell of the oil itself was like a lemon blended with orange oil and some other pungent oils - it was NOT pleasant. Clearly someone (either the seller or a person who returned this item) has diluted this oil with something of lesser quality. I WOULD NOT PURCHASE from this seller as they either dilute their oils or do not check their returns or care about quality assurance.