Home Master HydroGardener TMA-HG Advanced Remineralizing Garden and Hydroponic Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System


Brand Home Master
Color White
Material Stainless Steel, Plastic
Capacity 2500 Gallons
Included Components Assembled Filter Cluster w 150gpd membrane, 3/8 feed, drain adapters, hardware
Package Information Canister
Purification Method Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline
Power Source Adapter
Item Weight 5.2 Pounds
Model Name TMA-HG
  • Exceptional Purification - removes up to 98-percent of chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, sediment, and other contaminants - Healthier water for happier plants
  • Built-in Cal/Mag delivery system - adds 15-30 ppm cal/mag
  • Includes a variety of connections and fittings to make for easy installation - under sink 3/8” compression feed water adapter and garden hose adapter
  • High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Membrane - 150-Gallon per day, 2 to 1 waste ratio
  • Pure, healthy mineral water quality with greater convenience, lower price and reduced carbon footprint when compared with buying bottled water
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
Easy to install. My TDS in my well water is pretty high and I’ve tried many different filters that didn’t give me the results i was looking for. This filter has taken my water from 200 ppm to around 13-20 ppm. The 13-20 being the cal-mag that the system puts back in the water, I assume. As far as flow rate, it took around 2hrs to fill a 5 gallon bucket. All in all, after a week of using this, I’m very happy with the purchase. We’ll see how the plants like it.
Unit seems to be working fine, but it wouldn’t have out of the box. One of the tubes was completely kinked, so I had to go buy 1/4” tube to fix that mistake. Also, the unit did NOT come with the drain saddle, so I had to buy that from Amazon and delay my installation. So one part was broken and another part missing. I redid all the connections on it because if they miss obvious things like shown above, they probably didn’t install all the PTC fittings correctly either.
I bought this system for my hydroponics garden. My water, from the tap is horrible. The ppms are over 300 and the pH out of the tap is nearly 10! (9.7 most of the time). For my particular plants, the pH level for hydroponics should be around 5.8. I was using massive amounts of pH Down chemicals to try and stabilize my water. My plants were suffering and ny yields were low. I ordered the Tap Master system and have been very pleased so far. The unit is 90% assembled out of the box and the only thing I had to do before using it was to connect the appropriate connector for my set-up. In my case, I have a garden spigot to attach to so I used the included adapter to connect my filter to the spigot. After that, I mounted the thing on the wall (with the included mounting bracket) and I was ready to go in under 30 minutes. (Note: I have an open drain for the waste water so no plumbing was required in my case. Your mileage may vary.) In my case, my house water pressure is only barely at the minimum (44 psi), so water flow is rather slow, but the end product is worth the wait. To fill my 15 gallon reservoir takes approximately 4 hours, but the water is, well... perfect. After adding my nutrients to the water from the r/o filter, my reservoir pH was exactly 5.8. I am looking forward to a fresher, more bountiful harvest this season!

I did have to call customer service because the usage of the quick connnectors in the unit just completely baffled me. The support person I spoke to was incredibly rude and his only attempt to help was to say (and I quote), ”Well, they’re all the same so if you can’t figure one out, it’s not going to get any easier.” Finally, after several frustrating minutes, I got it, without any help from Customer Service. I really do hope nothing seriously goes wrong with the unit since I don’t relish talking to them again. The bottom line is, I give the product 5-stars for ease of installation and initial performance. But I’m dinging them a star for Customer Service.
Good system but had to change the pipework to incorporate a storage tank. Adding magnesium back may be life saving.
It produce 3 cups of water a day. Plenty of water going out discharge all the time. Just hire someone. I shouldn’t need to call people to install this.

Instructions video is more confusing than books.
I use this to make water for my plants in a grow tent. It churns out water that measures 0 TDS and about 7.5 PH. I think it’s a little faster that the rated 150gpm. No complaints, however, they should make a model without the 4th stage, but I will bypass that one when the filters life span is up. Also this makes excellent drinking water. Great unit. Definitely worth the money.
This falls into the awesome catagory. If you are on the fence go for it awesome product I get just over 5 gallons a hour. My plants love it, they looked hardier in 8 hours. I mixed my nutes ended with 5.9 ph it has been rock steady for 48 hours. My starting ppm is like 22 and 7.4 ph when I start I am sure the 22 ppm is cal/ mag
Very simple to install. Get 1 gallon in 10 mins. Ph is up from 7.63 city water to 9.0 coming out of R/O. Ppm was at 68 city water dropped 14 R/O. Zero smell or taste of chlorine. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! Do not buy! Hoses pop out of connection has ruined my kitchen!
Installation was a breeze.Works fine and strips out all dissolved solids. Makes a ton of water as claimed Shipping was quick.
Will buy again!!!!