iClever [2 Pack] BTH02 Kids Wireless Headphones, Online Schooling Headphones for Kids with MIC

Volume Control Adjustable Headband, Children Headsets for School iPad Tablet Airplane PC, Green/Blue

Brand IClever
Model Name BTH02 2pack
Color Green, Blue
Form Factor On Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless
  • Stereo Sound & 94dB Volume Limiting: Full-coverage padded earmuffs will wrap your little ones in powerful, high-quality sound. Your child’s safety is our priority. iClever kids Bluetooth headphones max out the volume level at 94db for immersive yet safe listening. They’ll get lost in the music, movie, game, and more!
  • 2 Pack Easy Sharing: iClever kids wireless headphones come with 2 pack set with two 3.5mm audio cables and a sharing splitter, letting kids get used to share with family and friends.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 & Built-In Microphone: Say goodbye to tangled wired headphones. iClever kids wireless headphones adopts the latest Bluetooth 5.0 to maintain stable connection. Play, pause, answer, and end calls with a touch of a button. The built-in microphone of kids headphones provides hands-free control and easy operation.
  • Hours of Uninterrupted Listening: Enjoy enough listening time with up to 22 hours of music, study, movies, and calls on a single charge. With a 3.5 mm backup jack, you can stay in the zone without interruption with iClever children headphones.
  • Foldable & Durable: iClever kids headphones for school are foldable and portable for easy travel. Stash these lightweight headphones a backpack, purse, or suitcase for music that moves with you. The soft headband can be twisted, turned and bent without breaking.
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Comment And Reviews
I got these as a birthday gift for my kid and, as far as I can tell, they seem to work. I derive this from two things, the first being how often she uses them (all the time) and the second being how much I have to repeat myself to get her attention when she has them on.
This was her first cordless set of headphones and she loves the freedom and mobility (and in a weird way is more helpful this way as she can go put a used dish in the sink without having to stop her video and take off the headphones or drag the whole iPad with her). And I’ve asked her if she likes them and she says they work great. We’ve had them around four months now and they seem to be working as good as they did on day one, so definitely one of my better purchases recently.
Stopped working after a couple of uses.. Update: 3/13/2023 Contacted Iclever directly and the reply right away. They advice me to reset the unit by pressing The play button and volume+ button at the same time. This will reset the headphones to factory allowing me to re connect to any device
Update: without even being asked, the customer service team refunded my purchase price. Thankful that they did that and I was able to buy a new pair. Updated to a 4 star due to customer service.

I received this item and it stopped charging, which makes it pointless for wireless headphones. I sent them back and received a second one. This one worked great for a few charges, but then it stopped working also. Thankfully it came with a cord and it works well with that, but that’s not the reason I specifically purchased a wireless set. The sound is great and I love the headphones, but am disappointed in the fact that they won’t charge anymore.
Great product for my children. It connects easily, sounds great, comes with a chord if you don’t want to use it as a Bluetooth you can plug it in and use it like regular headphones. I do wish the battery lasted a little longer. I feel like we are always charging it. But for the price for Bluetooth headphones for kids I would still recommend this product.
They work perfectly for my young children, they’re adjustable to their heads and the battery lasts a week without charging in between. They use them with their kindle tablets
Easy for 18 month and 4 year old to use. Was a little confused how to tell if it was charging but there is a small light in the bottom of one of the ears. Easy to sync to Bluetooth.like the wired option
Bought one for each kid, great buy. Works as expected and now it’s quiet in here for the first time in a long time!
Exactly as pictured, good sound.
Bought for a plane trip for my 16 month old to wear so she could listen to her shows on the plane (the music is the most engaging and soothing part of TV for her). They were a tad big but not falling off. Granted, my girl has a big head. She wears 2-3T size hats (but honestly I think baby hats are all just made too small..). The photo was taken last week, she is now 19 months. We let her wear them when she is super fussy or on a longer car ride.

The sound is really great, better than my wireless earbuds haha! The volume can go quite loud so be careful.

. They’re quite stretchy, they fit me (though I have a small head!) but the ear pieces are too small for that to be comfortable for more than 20 minutes or so. But they’re great for a kid. So glad I got these. I hope they last for years. The battery isn’t an issue so far but time will tell.

My main criticism is that the icons on the buttons are too small to see. This is fine for an older kid who can just press the buttons themselves and go off of memory of which button is what. But I have to adjust them for my daughter and she is so squirmy I can hardly tell which button does what while I’m trying to make it work and she is having a fit. But that’s my only complaint.
Amazing headphones for a 3 year old. We use this almost solely with an iPad. Bluetooth connection has not once missed its connection or inadvertently been disconnected. In fact after having this for 2 months our daughter now prefers watching her shows with the headphones and we haven’t once attached the headphones with the auxiliary cable. Battery life is also ridiculously long. Lasts weeks of constant use, not days. The wireless aspect and battery life alone are good enough reasons to buy this. They also take a beating, have been tossed around, dropped, etc and have worked perfect the entire time, no issues. Peace and quiet in the house!
My seven year old daughter has used these for about four weeks. Rarely require charging as the battery has a long life, comfortable, and surprisingly robust for the price.
Buttons on the side are convenient for easy turn on/off, and the microphone quality when she’s on iPad voice calls is very good, and she can wander around the house while on a call as the range seems excellent.
For this price they are a very impressive product.
These are nice headphones especially for the price. Easy to connect and use. Fits my 3 year old on the smallest size perfectly. Colour is exactly as pictured and looks good. They seem pretty durable, my 3 year old wore them around her waist for an entire afternoon 🤣

Great purchase and would recommend and purchase again if needed
got these for my 2yo, they worked really well

bluetooth reliably connected to ipad/iphone to play music or watch a bit of bluey. fairly intuitive, though the buttons/symbols are a bit hard to read in a dark aeroplane, so worth testing them out before you need to use them quickly!

i accidentally sat down on them very heavily on the plane seat, and they survived just fine, so was pretty happy with that