MOFT MagSafe Wallet Stand for iPhone 14/13/12 Series MagSafe Compatible Phone Stand with 3 Viewing Angles (Night Black)

Brand MOFT
Color Night Black
Form Factor Wallet
Compatible Devices Smartphones
Compatible Phone Models iPhone 12/mini/Pro/Pro Max, iPhone 13/mini/Pro/Pro Max, iPhone 14 series
  • [Powerful Functions Packed In One Slim Design] With the stand and magnetic property, it’s more than a slim wallet, bringing a whole new phone experience to you. Let you enjoy using your phone with optimized freedom. The fold-design allows for intuitive and flexible usage - simply snap it on, stand it up and fold it back into place
  • [Slim Yet Holds Three Cards] At 5mm/0.2in thinness, it’s slimmer than any other wallet but has the same capacity as most wallets to hold three cards for you to feel good while taking your cards without additional bulk
  • [A New Way to Make Your Phone Stand Up] Portrait, Landscape, and the new Floating mode – three viewing modes enable you to look at your phone screen in the most comfortable way, whether you’re browsing the web in portrait, streaming in landscape or having a zoom meeting in floating mode
  • [NOTE for Wireless Charging] It’s not compatible with wireless chargers. Remove the Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet before wireless charging
  • [MagSafe Compatibility] It works well with iPhone 12/iPhone 13/ iPhone 14 series including iPhone 12/mini/Pro/Pro Max,iPhone 13/mini/Pro/Pro Max and iPhone 14/Pro/Pro Max/Plus. It is recommended to use with MagSafe cases, which can make magnet strength even stronger
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Comment And Reviews
I love this wallet and the concept. Purchased the carbon black and am able to fit 3 cards in as they don’t have raised numbers on them and my license is even slimmer than my credit cards. No issues with demagnetization of the cards or lose of magnetic hold to my MagSafe phone case. I use the stand feature often and after a year and a half of regular use am now seeing severe damage at the fold joint. Which I suspect happens frequently but was hoping the carbon wallet would hold up against longer. Will purchase again.
To get this out of the way, my only gripe with this product is that the magnetic connection to my iPhone 13, both with and without a Mag Safe case on, is very light. The Moft can be very easily bumped or slid off the phone, especially when sliding it into my pants pocket. However if I stick it onto something metal, it clings with a very strong connection. Which is confusing.
But all in all I love this as my EDC wallet and the stand function is extremely versatile. I use it every day and will be sad if it ever falls apart. But I may not buy another one unless they improve the magnetic connection with phones and Mag Safe phone cases.
I’ll start by saying I LOVE this wallet. I was considering this and the Apple Wallet, but I’m glad I went with MOFT over Apple. The versatility of having the wallet also be a stand when my phone is on my desk is my favorite part of this wallet!

I gave it a 4/5 because the magnets could be stronger. It doesn’t come off when I’m my pocket, but one of the selling points was that it could be used as a grip when using your phone. I would suggest you NOT do that as the magnets aren’t strong enough to hold my iPhone 12 Pro.
I want to love this wallet so badly. It’s extremely versatile, I use the standing mode all the time. Whenever I use it out in public I get a lot of compliments. However, after only 4 months, the leather is falling apart on the hinge. Great product — just don’t expect it to last.

EDIT: I reached out to MOFT customer support and they offered to replace the wallet for free (with $5 shipping). I appreciate their willingness to back their product up with excellent support. We shall see if this new one lasts longer this time. 😉
UPDATED 3/29/2022
After 6+ months my original assessment still stands and I can now report that it is quite durable! This is a really great MagSafe minimal wallet. I regularly stuff 3-4 cards AND a few bills in it and it has held up nicely without stretching. Granted, it’s not really designed to hold that much, but IT CAN! It has held up really nicely overall with almost no sign of wear - so that pretty much answers my durability question’s durable!. I regularly stuff this into my back pocket and the MagSafe (usually) holds; it will rotate or slide as I take it out, but it has never just popped off or slipped without me noticing. The stand continues to be a pleasant surprise, I use it for more frequently than I ever thought. The stand mechanism/folds also show no sign of wear or breaking down.

Original review:

I’ve been going more and more minimal with my wallet over last several years, but wasn’t sure if I was ready to go this minimal and wasn’t sure if I’d like a wallet stuck to my phone. So far this has been a positive experience.

MOFT MagSafe wallet on iPhone 12 Pro with Apple MagSafe Case

I’ll start with the ’bad’, because there really isn’t any:
- The wallet does occasionally rotate on the magnet, or doesn’t connect in the exact right spot. That aside, I’ve never had it not connect and it has never popped off.
- Not the easiest to pull your cards out of

- Sticks really well to back of iPhone with Apple MagSafe case. See notes above.
- The MagSafe on back of the wallet also works well. I can keep the wallet on and stick it to my magnet car holder and it actually holds pretty well. Normally I will pop the wallet off before setting on the car holder, but a few times I’ve forgotten only to note later with surprise that it held pretty well.
- Can hold 3 cards comfortably, 4 if you squeeze ’em in. Any combo of items at that thickness will work. I typically keep drivers license, 1 CC and some cash.
- I like the pop out stand more than I thought I would. Not a feature I’d ever seek out, just generally not the way I’ve ever used my phone. Now that I have it, though, I’m liking it!

Durability remains to be seen - so far, so good. My concern would be with wear on the fold out stand over prolonged use. Heavy and frequent use of the stand would put stress on the hinge folds making that a natural wear point on any such design. I also wonder if the wallet pocket will stretch much and therefore compromise its ability to safely hold your items, especially if you ’over stuff’ it with more than 2-3 items. The wallet is really well built, though, and I’m not seeing any such wear yet!
This stand is an interesting design, but it wouldn’t hold securely to my phone through its case, even though the phone holds to its wireless charger by the magnet. (My husband has an Apple mag-safe case and it does hold his phone.) I was hoping to use the loop with my hand flat when I was using the phone to relieve the gripping motion, but found the loop too small to use that way. Since the stand was rather expensive, also, so I decided to return it. I didn’t notice when I ordered, but the return label said I had to pay for return shipping to China! However, the seller contacted me and worked out an alternate plan. Very good communication from seller.
I have replaced my apple magsafe wallet with this one. Holds cards perfectly. I use all 3 viewing angles. Just feel that the stand could be made more sturdy. But there is no better product than this I could find.
Magnet seems pretty weak. I thought it was because I’m not using an actual mag case( I use a magnetic plate), but some of the reviews and videos I’ve seen make me believe that isn’t the case. I only use about one or two cards throughout the day or most of the workweek, so this has been perfect. If you’re like me and watch shows or movies on your break, the stand function works great as well.
I was looking forward to this as i had the stick on versions previously, I thought i would try the magsafe version..... but unfortunately this failed horrendously...

The magsafe is extremely weak and I should have checked on youtube as even mobilereviewseh said it was bad... it slides off with the slightest knock... unless i use a third party case like my wifes phone which makes it a little better on a naked iphone is slides around.

The next thing was i ordered orange but recieved a black one instead... probably picked wrong?

all in all they should make the magnets much more stronger then i probably wouldn’t have returned it.
This is really a great little gadget! I’ve downgraded to just one card and it even fits some cash! The strand function is great. The magnets are not mega strong but fine, I dont think any of the MagSafe products are...!
Love the look of this and that it can be taken off when not required. The stand is very useful. However, it doesn’t feel secure like it’s not magnetic enough, and I definitely cannot use the product to hold my phone as it would fall off.
Works well as a stand but the magnet is not very strong resulting in the wallet easily being dislodged or completely knocked off my 13 pro max
£29 for this wallet is very pricy, it’s a normal magsafe wallet that works as a stand. the magnet is good and it seems good