MyGift Colorful Self-Watering Hanging Planter Indoor Pots

Flower Succulent Plant Container with Metal Chain, Set of 3 (Purple/Yellow/White)

Material Plastic
Color Purple / Yellow / White
Special Feature Durable
Style Modern
Shape Round
  • A set of vibrant and colorful (purple, yellow and white) self-watering plastic planters in with metal hanging chains
  • Plastic pots are lightweight and resist damage from sun, rain, and impacts
  • Perforated insert holds soil above bottom of pot, allowing excess water to hydrate soil as needed
  • Drain plug on bottom allows draining of excess water after heavy rainfall
  • Approximate Dimensions: Bowl only - 4.7 H × 7.9 Diameter; with Chain - 20.9 H × 7.9 Diameter (in inches)
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
Love these. I got them to grow microgreens in potting soil in my kitchen window. You’ll get a comfortable 1.75” to 2” of space for potting mix (based on where the round bottom of the pot curves up), although I added a little more to maximize the self-watering/water storage function of the planters. When you add a disposable plastic salad bowl lid to the top, you have a nice little green house while you wait for the seed to germinate (currently using one that’s slightly too small but good enough for now, at about 6.75” diameter). The chain and hooks that come with the planters seem sturdy and are easily shortened using needle-nose pliers. Replacing only the lanyard clips with sturdier key rings, I was able to rig up a 3-tier hanging planter for my microgreens that is cheaper, lighter, sturdier, saves me much more space, and is better looking than a bunch of the other microgreens growing kits out there. Plus, the individual planters remain separate planters that hook on to each other and can be taken away from the window individually.
My wife ordered these for our house and the kids room to put a variety of plants in them. They are well built and should last a long time, but they seem a little over priced for what they are. That being said, they are very sturdy, heavy duty chain, easy to water and plant, have a drain hole if you need to take a little water out and will last longer than the plants. Colors are true to picture and the size is about a half basketball. Has a false bottom to keep roots from setting in water if you pour heavy. Yah, I have grown to like these little baskets more, but they are still a salad bowl with chains.... there I said it. ;)
I have bought this product twice. I found them nice. Of course you can find nicer and more decorative hanging pots, but not at this price. Good value!
These pots are very shallow and small. The chain that came with them is very short but can easily changed to something longer. The drain plug broke the second i tried to pull it out. Over all a good pot but just small.
One of the drain plugs for one of the pots doesn’t fit. It falls out, which means water leaks through. Since these are for indoor, that’s not a good feature. So in order to use the pot, we had to glue the drain plug in place. Another pot has an entirely different drain plug system that is a different color than the pot (or at least not clear like the other three). Not the best look.
They’re great little pots, but they were a little smaller than I thought they would be. Only because of the water reservoir; it takes more space than you’d think. However, they all worked for the plants I needed to put in them. I have a croton in one, pothos in another, and some type of sedum ground cover in the third.
These hanging planters are perfect for my needs. In addition, the colors are beautiful and they are so much nicer than the usual hanging baskets. I plan to reorder soon
A little smaller than I expected ted. But that is what I ordered.
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Yo los usé para interior y están increíbles. No pesan y se ven bonitos ya puestos. Recomendables