Nite Ize, BRG-M1-R3 BigRing Steel

2” Stainless-Steel keychain Ring With 8 Stainless-Steel Key-Holding S-Biners

Color Stainless Steel/Black
Material Stainless Steel
Brand Nite Ize
Item Weight 36 Grams
Shape Round
  • UPGRADE + MEGA SIZE YOUR KEY RING - This extra large keychain pairs 8 Stainless-Steel key-holding S-Biners with a solid, 2” Stainless-Steel ring - no frustrating split rings to deal with
  • ATTACH AND DETACH KEYS WITHOUT SPLIT RINGS - With the included double-gated S-Biners, one side clips to your key ring while the other clips to your key - no need for frustrating split rings
  • COMPREHENSIVE KEY HOLDING SOLUTION - Perfect for the person who carries lots of keys, the BigRing comes with 8 #.5-sized Stainless-Steel, double-gated s-biners in two colors (4 stainless, 4 black) to store keys safely and help you identify them quickly
  • ADD S-BINERS TO HOLD EVERYTHING - Pick up additional S-Biners to hold even more keys
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
These s-biners are a little bigger, and of course heavier than the old plastic ones. They do fit into my old Nite Ize key clip just fine, which is great because I prefer the clip to the fixed ring, but my keys are noticeably heavier now. Not sure how I feel about that yet, but after having a few of the plastic ones break after several years of use, I feel my keys are more secure switching to the metal option. I miss the ability to color code, but that wasn’t a necessity, just something I liked. I opted for the non-locking versions because my plastic ones very rarely unhooked themselves and for as often as I separate keys I didn’t want to fiddle with the toggles all the time. Hoping these work as well as the plastic ones did for me.
Todo fue eficiente.
Purchased for my husbands many set of keys. The ring is much smaller than I expected, but I think it will work just fine. It’s sturdy and each key holder will probably hold just one key. Despite the smaller size, glad I purchased it.
It works like a charm. All keys are easy to find and take off of the ring
Works good
Solid steel ring and the clips are well made.
My job requires me to use keys at almost every avenue of my position. Device has been put they the ringer and is still shiny and holding keys tightly in position
The only down side could be that the s rings don’t lock but in general work well.
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Super indico para quem quer uma forma prática de carregar suas chaves ou algum outro item que precise ficar preso a um mosquetão.
Todo o conjunto é feito em metal.
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Es por esto que lo califico con una estrella ya que no cumple su cometido.

No lo recomiendo.
Buena calidad, buena relación costo-beneficio.
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