Pro-Heal Serum Advance+ Antioxidant-rich Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin E And Retinol For Redness, Rosacea And Inflammation

Skin Type All
Product Benefits For rosacea, cystic acne. Reduces redness, inflammation, offering soothing effect for dry skin, contact dermatitis See more
Scent Aloe
Item Form Serum
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
Expensive but worth it! My skin looks healthy and happy. I have pretty much always used foundation when going out, but while using this product I am more confident to forgo the foundation because my skin is smooth and glowing. It’s really worth the money unfortunately lol. I’m sold. But be careful with the dropper. It’s not a secure top. I spilled some once and being that it’s so pricey - I was pissed!
I didn’t want it to work because it’s so expensive, but after a month, I have to admit that it does work well for my sensitve skin. It calms the rosacea, redness and irritation I have all around my face. I find it outrageously expensive for such a small bottle, so I try to use only the minimum I need each day. I would think $50-$60 would be a fair price for this item.
Love this product and this product line. Highly recommend. Worth the $$$.
I had received a sample of the pro serum through my doctors office and absolutely loved it. The bottle I ordered on Amazon seemed very weak and watered down
My esthetician introduced me to this serum years ago. It is very expensive, but worth it. A little goes a long way. Dab a tiny bit on a blemish, cut, or sore and it clears up practically overnight. This product has been such a blessing to my teen, clearing up pimples very quickly, and to me. It also seems to relieve pain and helps you avoid messing with cuts and scratches. I used it on a scar after surgery and even my doctors commented on how beautifully it healed.
I have being using this product for about 3 years now and it’s truly a great product, it really hydrates your face, it really gives you an amazing result.
Great to clear skin of Pires and wrinkles. I am happy.
This is cleared many of my skin issues. From smoothness to redness.
This serum is so thin, almost like water and I found that off putting to begin with, but no matter as it really works. I have rosacea and sensitive skin and at the first sign of redness appearing (usually on my cheeks) I use this serum morning and night until it’s gone. There is usually a significant improvement overnight - it’s that good. Its expensive, but I wouldn’t be without it.
I received a fake product/ruined/expired despite the date says 11/21 under.
I have been using this serum for at least 2 years now and this particular product clearly does not act like this product usual. The serum itself is very foamy, and the pressure that builds up inside the bottle is unusual. I feel sad that I put this on my face. Please see the picture for how the lid is reacting to the product - has never happened before.
The product itself is great but the description is misleading: it states £60.45 for the product and £201.45 per 100 ml, so it should be £60.45 for 30 ml but only 15 ml was received! No way to contact the seller.
Love this serum
Check size of product as same price for 30ml. And then you cannot return