Punch Free Shelf Support Peg-Self Adhesive Shelves Clips for Kitchen Cabinet Book Shelves-Strong Partition Holders Pin for Closet Brackets Clapboard Layer-Load Bearing 10 Pounds

Color Double Row-8pack
Brand BasedFloor
Style Modern
  • SAY GOOGBYE TO HOLES,PUNCH-FREE & SELF-ADHESIVE: Support the board without nails. Peel off the protective film on the back and stick it on a smooth surface. It can be installed in a few seconds. The sticky pegs can be removed without leaving any traces.
  • STRONG LOAD CAPACITY: Small stature and amazing load-bearing, this shelf peg can support a maximum of 10 pounds each,per peg.
  • WIDE APPLICATION:These shelf support clips widely use for clothing and kitchen shelves,cabinets,shoe racks,refrigerator,bookshelves, bookcases,closet and more.
  • MATERIAL: Durable clear finished material ABS for long term usage of all temperatures and environments,eco-friendly and healthy.
  • STYLISH CLEAR DESIGN: The transparent design of the sticky peg makes it almost traceless and invisible, and will not affect the overall decoration style.
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
Five months ago I installed these supports above our kitchen sink and then placed a wooden plank for a shelf. Since then, we’ve kept several glass items, including a large pitcher, as well as a HomePod mini. The entire setup has been stable and sturdy. Absolutely recommend!
I used these for inside my entertainment cabinets. Nothing that heavy on top. Two popped off within a few day. I stuck them up again, fingers crossed they hold this time!
I bought these because i was looking for a quick and easy solution for my bathroom closet. The wood in the closet is just thin board so putting up a regular fixture isn’t really an option until we re-do the closet, so I got these. We purposing did not put anything heavy on the shelf. Just a plastic bin with things like rubber gloves, band aids, and some small first aid things. Within a day, my husband and I were woken up at 2am thinking someone broke into our house because we heard a bang. After searching the house we went back to bed. The next morning I went into the closet for something and found the entire shelf and its contents were all over the floor. The adhesive is awful, at first they seemed sturdy but they didnt even last 48 hours, and like i said, we didnt even put 10 pounds on it, and there were 4 holding up this shelf- 3 of the 4 fell within 48 hours.

There is no heater or anything in the closet that would have contributed to the stickiness failing.

Our solution that worked best was a tension rob, maybe name brand command strips would work better. but save your money on these.
Still a good product however few times I had to clean it up because the shelf fell down. Only had about 10 cans on the whole Shelf before it off a few days later. Probably just need to add more tabs instead of just 4.
Used to hang up shelves at my rental and very sturdy! Unfortunately the adhesive is so strong it peels the pain off the wall when you remove it. That’s my fault I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯
They hold good
I wasn’t real sure about these when I first ordered them, but they are great, easy to use and the adhesive is extremely good !
Easy to use