Purple Press on Nails, Round Reusable Purple Chrome Fake Nails Short False Nails Mirror Nails

Color Purple
Size 24 Piece Set
Material Abs,Gel
Style Art,Protective,Safety
  • ❤️【High Quality & Safe Harmless】Press on nails medium with new generation odorless non-toxic ABS material, harmless for hands, reusable, chip-proof, smudge-proof, waterproof. Feature protective UV coating, to ensure your nails will never break or split. And our fake nail adhesive tabs use 100% non-toxic safe material. Safety is always our top priority, and you can use it with complete confidence
  • ❤️【Trend Innovation Design】SENA NAIL is dedicated to creating innovative and trendy nail art for young people. Using new plating process, it can make your fake nails refract different colors under different angles and different light. Good price, best fake nail quality, new nail design~
  • ❤️【Seamless and Natural】Strong and thin, nail press ons are specifically designed for the size and curvature of American Women girls false nails, with zero pressure on your nail bed. Fits naturally to the nail bed with soft curves and seamless cuticle lines. The seamless finish and natural look feel like real nails, giving our nails an air of sophistication beyond salon manicures
  • ❤️【Reusable & Daily Use】This reusable nail set can be worn a few days or weeks straight, or you can trim and file it to your liking. You can stick it on and do the things you would normally do, like dating, typing, gardening, housework or playing with your pet. They won’t budge a bit and still feel as flawless as they did on day one
  • ❤️【What’s Include】Press-On Nail Kit has 24 nails in 10 sizes ensure a totally custom fit to meet the different nails. In addition, the small and cute box also contains a storage box, Safe Upgrade adhesive tabs, double-sided nail file, cuticle stick, prep pad and cute nail art stickers~
  • ❤️【Tips】Follow the instructions in the picture, don’t put Adhesive tabs directly on your nails. Please feel free to contact us if have any questions, 24 hours stand by, and we will try our best to solve your problem and satisfaction guarantee
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
These nails are really cute and the colors are gorgeous! They’re pretty easy to put on and it took me around 10 mins. You can reuse them if you take them off carefully too. Overall good quality so I’d buy them again!
Product: Purple Press on Nails - Round Reusable Purple Chrome Fake Nails Short False Nails Mirror Nails
Color: (Light) Purple Chrome

The chrome effect on this light purple is just gorgeous. The pictures can’t do it justice. My eyes just chase after them like a cat would a laser pointer. The nail tips themselves are on the thinner/flimsier side... There /is/ a somewhat obvious thinner on the cuticle side... But adding on the glue tabs, it’s still a bit too thicker and the cuticle side of the nail tip feels very obvious when brushing down the nail from the knuckles.

With the glue tabs, the nails lasted about 24 hours, in between where the pinkies fell off during the shower (expedited by my hairwashing that day). During the shower, my hair kept getting caught betwen the cuticle end of the tip and natural nail, further dislodging and wedging the nails tips. By my estimate, the glue tabs can probably last another day without all that interference.

The nail tips are good for thinner/smaller hands.. Where I feel they can offer smaller glue tabs to fit... But the smallest glue tab did fit the smallest nail tip size.

The nail length is more appropriate to be called medium, but they were easily trimmable down to the preferred length... Perhaps even without the need to file afterward (I didn’t and it still looked and felt great), which may be attributed to this brand being thinner.

My main reason of reducing a star is because of how they denote the nail size using a number at the tip end of the nail tips... Meaning if you rub your fingerpads over the front of the nail tip, you would feel obvious that it’s not just the thickness of the ”nail”... It just felt too unnatural on its own. With they went along with having a numbered tab on the tip end (like some brands) to denote the nail size, where it needs ot be broken and filed smooth instead).
The color and iridescence of the nails was lovely, but the shape was large and the glue did not stick well.
These were very pretty and nice quality. Everything that came with the nails seemed to be good quality as well. The problem I had was the size of the nails. They were just too big for my nail beds. I wanted to file them down to make them fit, but that just didn’t work. So for people with small nail beds, I would suggest ordering a different product. Otherwise, these are lovely nails.
these chrome nails are just as described. they are mirrored finish and will be fun to wear. they are of good quality. I use the glue to put and I change my nails every 7-10 days.
These are really pretty dual Chrome nails. It comes with glue, nail tape, two Emery boards, and one alcohol pad. Mine also came with complimentary toenail wraps. These are longer than I expected them to be, because the description said short nails. But I can trim them to the size that I like. Really pretty for a party or New Year’s Eve. Would recommend.
Absolutely love the chrome finish and the fact that they come with four sets of jelly-glue-pads is phenomenal.
Very happy with this purchase
Since I gave up doing my own gel polish over the summer, I have been having a blast trying out all kinds of fake nails. This set is one of the best I’ve tried! This review is for: Purple Press on Nails - Round Reusable Purple Chrome Fake Nails Short False Nails Mirror Nails.

The kit comes with everything you need to do your own fake nails. These come with the gel adhesive tabs which work fine if you’re only planning to wear them for a date night, party or whatever. Since I plan to wear them for a week, I used nail glue from another set.

I have received so many compliments on these nails. At the wake, at work, at the store. Wherever. They are noticeable and they are gorgeous.

I put these on Saturday evening. Sunday I went to a wake and did errands. Monday through today, (Wednesday night), I’ve been typing my butt off at work, preparing meals and washing dishes. The second photo shows how well these nails have held up to near constant abuse from me.

These nails come with numbers on them, near the tips on the back. This way you can be sure your nails on each hand match. That is an appreciated feature.

I have literally tried dozens of nails kits at this point and this is one of the best out there. They are pretty. They stay on. (At least with the glue I used.) Most importantly, they are DURABLE. This set is well worth the money and I’m off to order another set right now. Highly recommended!