QANVEE Fluidized Moving Bed Filter Bubble Bio Media Reactor for Aquarium Fish Tank with Air Stone and Sponge Filter

Color Black, Green
Material Plastic
Item Weight 0.5 Pounds
Power Source Corded Electric
  • Self-Cleaning Filter Media constantly moving around and rub against each other
  • Simply Hook up to an Air Pump and getting all the benefits of oxygen in the water and a super charged bio filter
  • Oxygen Rich Water combined with strong nitrifying- handle large amounts of ammonia and nitrite compare to other type of filter
  • Easy to take out Intake Sponge provides additional physical filteration
  • Comes with Enough Media similiar to K1 micro will float at first and start tumbling in a few days
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
Update 2 - Eureka, I found them... Suction cups that is. I bought a package after comparing diameters. The cups list below fit. And they are multipurpose for other aquarium things including attaching plants to the glass. Search for ”B082CXMPSJ” on Amazon. Item is SCZ20 at Pawfly. Tag has X002ELTNLB, 20 pack suction cups UL411

”Pawfly 20 Pack Suction Cups with 40 Pieces Adjustable Zip Ties for Aquarium Fish Tank Binding Moss Shrimp Dodging Nest”

Update - Quavee now has a 4 pack of spare airstones!

Reading some of the reviews had me scratching my head. I have LH-300’s and LH-600’s in tanks upstairs. They are not ’cheap’ plastic. They hang about as well as expected for anything with suction cups in an aquarium. They have a good load of media.

They are a biological filter. They require time to ’charge’ with bacteria. Also initially, the media has to become saturated, so it can take up to 3-4 days before the media will fully start moving. I would not consider them ’seasoned’ in less than 2-3 weeks as would any sponge filter. The advantage is what a moving media bed filter has in a handy package.

The only drawback is the air stone. As with any air stones, it becomes clogged with minerals reducing its effectiveness. You have to soak the stone in vinegar to remove calcification to get it working again. But, you should not take the stone out and leave the media sitting for that cleaning time as the bacteria will start dying. So currently, you should be an extra one so that you have a spare airstone (they are a custom configuration.) I and other have requested Qanvee sell spare stones. Waiting.

There are some others here that appear to be the same model or clones offered by others. I had one tell me that they don’t have an airstone when one is clearly visible in their pictures. I have not had such stupid answers from Qanvee when I asked them questions.

Update - Qanvee now sells a 4 pack of airstones!!! To recycle, you soak the used ones it in vinegar, then water, it must dry completely to restore the flow. Sort of hints that it may be biological buildup instead of calcification in the airstone. I may try the hint of drilling a whole in one of my stones (I have .75 mm diamond bits). Just letting the stone to sit and dry out helps immensely.
My city water recently have added something in the water and it contains ammonia. Because of that, it killed most of my fish. I’ve brought this and my new fishes are doing quite well for over 2 months.
I’m currently using four of these along with some other media sponge filters. I love that these come with K1 media, and I think the amount is sufficient, esp if you want the media to move.

My only complaint is that the sponge gets a bit clogged fairly quickly (not a total clog) which results in a larger of media just settling on the bottom. Since this seems fairly unavailable, I can’t really remove a star for that.

Overall, I like that these can be set higher up in the tank so they can take care of some of the particulates in the water column, better than a standard sponge filter that sits on the tank bottom impo. The suction cups are well made and stick very well.

Just if you hope to take them out for cleaning, be sure to put a fish net below the filter before you lift it or everything stuck to the sponge is likely to dislodge with minimal movement and will leave your water pretty dirty looking till it settles or gets sucked back up against the sponge.
I run a much bigger bio moving bed on a 120 gallon aquarium with regular size k1 media and i can say, without question, that the theory and function behind the moving filter bed is superior to any other filters insofar as biological filtration. The agitation of the media keeps strong healthy beneficial bacteria at peak performance and it never requires cleaning. The filter gets better as it get older and can handle a tremendous bio load. Mechanical filtration needs to be addressed separately with many inexpensive options available.

This filter is a direct competitor to the $28 Ziss bio moving bed filter, nearly identical in design and identical in function.

When recently setting up a 10 gallon nano tank. I opted for this micro moving bed filter, in large part, because it was so inexpensive, at 17 bucks, for such great bio technology. I don’t know if i’d of purchased the Ziss 28 bucks, good filter but seems very overpriced.

I used old mature regular size K1 media i have in my 120 filter, instead of the included micro media, and it works perfectly

Impressive little filter and excellent value.
The product is good, but I struggled a lot during installation. The top cap or lid of the container kept popping out as it was loose, and the media floated all over the tank each time the lid popped open and it took a lot of the time to collect the floating media and put it back into the container. I had to add super-glue to keep the lid securely in its place.
The media could not be loaded.
It works as best bacteria housing for reducing Ammonia rapidly
Hope to see the ammonia levels going down and will measure it in couple of days
Should have ordered 2 it works brilliantly