Qrity 4 Pieces Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges Concealed Cupboard Door Hinges

Easy to Install, Not Slow Close

Material Steel
Finish Type Nickel
Mounting Type Door Mount
Number Of Pieces 25
Unit Count 4.0 Count
  • Very high quality mechanism. Not Soft Close. No Slot Required.
  • Individually bagged with 30 pcs screws included. Full Overlay.
  • Cup diameter 28mm. 90 degree soft close hinge.
  • Suitable for 14-18mm cabinets. Easy adjustment for allignment of doors.
  • What’s including: 4 pcs kitchen cabinet door hingesk; 32 pcs screws
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
I ordered these hinges while doing my own kitchen remodel (Painting the cabinets white) and liked the fact that these hinges were hidden from view and did not require that I cut out a hole into the door. They are very solid hinges and are fairly easy to install (You may need 2 people with larger doors, but that is not a fault of the hinge itself). At first trying to open the hinge while not installed is pretty hard and you can catch your finger if you’re not careful. There are no instructions on how to install so some thinking is required and more than enough screws are provided with each set.

Only downside is that these hinges will not line up with all cabinets and do not close on their own (Simple push will not close the cabinet, you will have to manually close the door all the way). Which is not a big deal but will not allow you to add a slow close down the line if you were looking for that feature. There is a small amount of play with the door after it is opened all the way. But for being a universal no show hinge it should work fairly well. I just installed these hinges and will need to give an update in about a month or two after some normal use.
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Bought these for a frameless inset concealed cabinet I built as was hoping to avoid boring the 35mm hole for Euro style, but these are no good for that application. The way the hinge is designed it does not rest at 90 degrees so it pulls the gap wider and if you adjust the hinge closer you end up with rubbing. I mocked it up before trying on my vanity, see photos. Might be a different story if you are doing overlay doors but still a sizeable gap, so appropriate for a cheap rough job, not something needing finesse. No instructions inside either, and screws fairly cheap. Unfortunately my project was delayed so I’m out the return window or would have sent back.
They are cheap. And you get what you pay for. That being said. I used them on cabinets in my garage. They work fine they just feel... flimsy.
Perfect fit for my couches center arm rest that broke.
I bought these for a boat project cabinet. They close fairly firmly and hold well.
works very well for a full open hinge.
No directions. How do you get the hinges to bend or work ! Really could use any input that you can give.
On the whole this is a good product to use if for some reason you cannot use the slot normally found in flat pack kitchen cabinets.
However.... the additional description imply this is soft close. It is in fact the exact opposite and snaps close. So expect a big bang.
Install could be alot easier. You cannot open or close the hinge by hand. It only operates when screwed into place. And with no template or position instruction you have to know what your doing as to where to screw into place. So make sure you have a tape measure handy along with some ear protectors
Came broken ,and rusty. Could and east able to fit .pain in the rear end .
Hinge seized. Wouldn’t open at all. Returned and refunded
Received completely bent out of shape and seized up. Surprised the items were even attempted to be sold.
Sorry for the late feedback, this is a very good product! I have been using for a year now. Working perfectly, strong and stable!