Quality Park 12 x 15-1/2 Clasp Envelopes, Clasp and Gummed Closures

for Oversized Papers, Drawings or Posters, 28 lb Kraft Paper, 100/Box (QUA37810)

Brand Quality Park
Color Kraft
Closure Type Clasp
Material Brown Kraft
Number of Items 1
  • Quality Park 12x15 1/2 clasp envelopes are a staple of every office; a gummed flap & reusable clasp make them ideal for mailing and storage; 100/box
  • Envelopes have durable 2 prong metal clasps and reinforced eyelets to let you access your files as needed; open, close, repeat
  • A deeply gummed envelope flap is laid thick with moisture-activated adhesive; creates a firm seal you can trust in the mail
  • Heavyweight 28 lb kraft paper envelopes are opaque to protect private contents; strong enough for bulk mailing or organizing the office
  • A great value; you never know when you’ll need these jumbo catalog envelopes for oversized storage
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
Like it.
These envelopes have been a lifesaver for me. Great quality and I will be buying again.
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I have been making my own envelopes to this size because there was nothing in between 9x6 and 12x9. These are the size that I have been making and the price is great! Thank you so much!
Quality Park QUA37805’s are made in America, seem to be heavy stock, but 13 had flaws in glue that you can see from the photos. The bottom of some of the 13 envelopes glue seal are not glued at all and wide open. It appears that glue is there but did not stick for some reason. Some of the 13, the vertical seams are not sealed in places and open all the way to the inside of the envelope. I will keep them because they are heavy duty thick paper stock 32 pound. The quantity and price was right.

If a person mails anything with these, I would use shipping tape on all glue seems. Even the ones that look good just to be safe. I’m not doing a destructive test to see how much force it takes to bust one open. I don’t get paid to do that. With any of the Kraft/manila type envelopes no mater who makes them, I use shipping tape on all seems, edges, to make sure USPS or whomever doesn’t bust them apart.

I will use them mostly for filing at home and occasionally mailing documents that add up to be thick because of sheets of paper count.

To get around the USPS metal, bendable extra charge, I cut off the metal clasp tabs.

Mead sells large Kraft envelopes without metal clasps, but they are more expensive and not as thick in stock weight, but glued better.

Other than that, the Quality Park, QUA37805s are good.
I use these for my sewing patterns. They are pretty sturdy, unless theyre really stuffed and I use the pattern a lot, so far I haven’t had to replace any envelopes.
Came just as shown
Though the envelopes themselves were sturdy, the box in which they came was torn, dented, and collapsing - so much so that the envelopes inside were bent and folded. This is a simple case of the box not being strong enough for the contents. Disappointing.
These are well made and quality product. The price is reasonable compare to big box stores.
Highly recommend...excellent quality
exactly what need, good quality
Very durable and versatile for the office.