Savior Heated Glove Liners, Electric Heated Thin Gloves with Remaining Power Display

Rechargeable Hand Warmers,Suitable for Winter Driving,Typing,Running,etc.

Size XX-Small
Color HG-Black
Hand Orientation Ambidextrous
Closure Type Pull On
Style Rechargeable
  • CONTINUOUS UPGRADE:SAVIOR HEAT has been focusing on electric heating products for more than 10 years,and has accumulated rich technical background and manufacturing experience,which has won a very good reputation in the industry.In order to better meet the market demand,our heated glove liners add the remaining power display function,which is convenient for customers to grasp the power situation at any time,timely charging,and reduce battery life anxiety.
  • MULTIPLE TEMPERATURE SETTINGS:This heated glove liners has 3 levels of temperature settings (100-140℉),which can be adjusted according to external temperature and personal preference to meet your different needs.Using two 7.4V 2200mAh lithium batteries,compared to other 3.7V or 5V batteries on the market,it is faster heating,more stable work,higher energy density,longer battery life,small size and light weight,easy to carry.
  • COMFORT AND FLEXIBILITY:This heated glove liners are made of soft, flexible and breathable material,which is very comfortable and light. Fingers remain flexible after wearing it.Thumb and index finger inlay touch screen sensors.After wearing it can still be comfortable typing and operating touch screen devices.It is very thin, you can cover another pair of ordinary gloves to achieve better heating effect, enough to deal with a variety of cold environments.
  • SAFE&VERY PRACTICAL:This heated glove liners have passed various certifications,safe and reliable.In winter,it is suitable for driving,running,office work,shopping,going to school and so on.With your normal gloves,it can also be used for various outdoor activities such as skiing,Riding,skating,camping,etc.With infrared heating,it can stimulate blood circulation.Perfect for Reno,arthritis,poor circulation,stiff joints.So it is also a good choice for gift giving.
  • AFTER-SALES WORRY-FREE:This glove liners have 4 sizes,please refer to the size chart to choose the right one.Please fully charge it before using it for the first time.All our products come with a one year warranty for free.Any quality or use problems,please contact us through the Amazon ”Contact Seller” channel,we must promptly solve,please rest assured that the purchase.
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
Had to wait for really cold weather to see how well they work. OK, size is always a question. My hand measures 7” from wrist crease to tip of middle finger and 3 1/2” across. I ordered medium which fit almost perfectly. Fingers slightly too long but not an issue. Out of the box the batteries took about 20 minutes to charge but it takes a little over an hour if they are depleted. The charge light Is hard to see until it is plugged in so you have to look for it. Make sure it is “up” when you plug it in or you won’t see it at all. When you turn the gloves on be sure to press and “hold” the power button until it lights up. If you just push and let go they won’t turn on. When the temp is around 30 the medium setting seems to work well. Tried them today (Dec. 23, 2022) during the “big freeze” and had to put them on high. They are not suitable as work gloves by themselves so I have work gloves that I wear over them. Take them down to your local big box store and try them with work gloves until you find a pair that fit. Batteries work for length of time advertised. Heating elements are on the back of the hand rather than the palm but doesn’t seem to affect performance greatly. If I have a metal tool in my hands (wrench, channel locks, etc.) my fingers still get cold but not nearly as bad as they did and I don’t have to stop work to warm up my hands. All things considered, I would buy them again assuming they last which remains to be seen.
I purchased these gloves as a Christmas present for my mom who suffers from Raynaud’s. She absolutely loves everything about them. She has small hands and doesn’t have a lot of dexterity but she has no problem getting them on and off and the xsmall/small size fits perfectly. She said the temperature adjusts from the highest setting to a medium temperature automatically and it’s a very comfortable temperature. She has absolutely no more pain in her hands and they no longer turn white and purple. She’s still able to use her phone with them on and we discovered an added bonus a few days ago when she discovered the grip on them helps her open jars and screw top wine bottles, which she wasn’t able to do before even with a kitchen aid grip device! After about a week I did end up buying an extra set of batteries so she can wear the gloves continuously throughout the day by keeping one set on the charger. The batteries that cam with the gloves lasted about 4 to 5 hours and the new ones are a little bigger and last a few hours longer. My mom is very picky and she continually talks about how comfortable they are. Do not hesitate to buy these if you are looking for relief from Reynauds!
The battery arw to big and makes it hard to work in close corner area.
Works well fits perfectly and stays warm easy to recharge
Instructions say that if batteries are not in use, you should charge and discharge them ”once within 3 months”. Does this mean that is you don’t do that twice over the spring and summer the batteries will die?
I bought these a few weeks ago, I drive a motorcycle so I was looking for something that kept my hands from burning with the wind and the cold. These gloves are excellent, once driving you can’t feel the warm as much but it keeps you from feeling cold. I really recommend them!
I wore these gloves fishing they work great I was able to cast my bait caster they heated up and kept my hands warm
12/1 Update: Replacement delivery is efficient. The new ones are perfect.
The battery pockets are not deep enough to seal the batteries causing them to slip out easily, how can I fix this issue?