Seagate FireCuda 530 1TB Solid State Drive, M.2 PCIe Gen4 ×4 NVMe 1.4

PS5 Internal SSD, speeds up to 7300MB/s, 3D TLC NAND, 1275 TBW, 1.8M MTBF, Heatsink, Rescue Services (ZP1000GM3A023)

Digital Storage Capacity 1 TB
Hard Disk Interface PCIE x 4
Connectivity Technology SATA
Brand Seagate
Hard Disk Description Solid State Drive
Compatible Devices Gaming Console
Installation Type Internal Hard Drive
Color Black
Hard Disk Size 1 TB
Specific Uses For Product Gaming
  • Speed reigns—Seagate’s FireCuda 530 dominates the SSD lineup, delivering pure performance, absolute power, the most advanced components, and unrivaled endurance
  • Exhilarating performance up to 7300MB/s—harness the full power of PCIe Gen4 speeds to dominate next-generation games and apps
  • Our fastest FireCuda SSD ever built for the ultimate in sustained, pro-level gaming and accelerated content creation—with transfer speeds up to 2x faster than PCIe Gen3 M.2 NVMe SSDs and 12x faster than SATA SSDs
  • Includes custom built low-profile heatsink designed by EKWB and Seagate to help minimize thermal throttling and maintain peak performance for longer time periods of time
  • Enjoy long-term peace of mind with the included five-year limited warranty and three years of Rescue Data Recovery Services
  • The FireCuda 530 with heatsink is compatible with PS5 consoles. Easy drop-in expansion—no additional parts needed
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
Came through mail fast has a monthly pay when I bought it around $130 largest internal ps5 sdd with heatsink that I found unboxing simple has drive surrounded with foam padding and encased along with instructions warranty and quick guid and 2 sets of stickers as shown in photos you can take a small Phillips head and open ps5 storage compartment plug dive in bolt it in replace covers and plug and play turn on ps5 and it ask to format might take a minute then your all set to make it main drive or whatever suits your fancy if your buying for computer I recommend you take note of size of heatsink beforehand to make sure everything fits and is compatible.
I bought this to replace an already pretty fast SSD drive for my primary OS drive (the C:/ drive) in a custom built professional 3D workstation, and the performance it gives it pretty incredible. I think for many users it will probably be even more dramatic than for my setup because I’ve already got 128 GB of RAM in the machine, so most tasks never need to access much of the Page file anyway.

Either way, loading up large files that might be several GBs in size take no time at all, making ”auto-save” operations takes seconds when they used to be a minutes. Add all that time saved over tge course of a month or year? It’s like being given days back that you never had before!

Boot times were previously fairly short but now it’s easily under a minute total. Installing was simple though obviously it helps to have experience. Also be aware you may need to alter a few BIOS settings.
If you have a ps5, more space is definitely going to be needed. One terabyte on top of the 600 gigabytes from the console ssd is more than enough to have a good game collection installed. The ssd is easy to install and overall makes my gaming experience much better. I’m happy with this purchase and will recommend this to anyone who wants to increase their storage.
It has proven to be a game-changer for my PS5. It’s like having a Final Fantasy 7-level summon at my beck and call, ready to boost the performance of my system whenever I need it.

But seriously, the FireCuda 530 is an excellent solid-state drive. It is fast, reliable, and easy to use, and it has made a noticeable difference in my computer’s performance. Games load much more quickly, and the drive is very reliable. I have had no issues with it so far.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Seagate FireCuda 530 1TB Solid State Drive to anyone needing a fast and reliable storage solution for their computer. It may not have the power of a Final Fantasy 7 summon, but it’s definitely a valuable addition to any system.
We had the drive for 5 months, then it started shutting down the ps5. The only reason we can use the ps5 is because we took the drive out. Now when calling for a replacement drive,which has a 5 year warranty, they are refusing to replace it. The customer service is the problem. They say you need to speak to a supervisor but there’s never one available, and they’ll NEVER call you back. The drives are good but this one is defective and I’m now stuck with a $300 drive that does nothing. *BTW Amazon customer service was awesome trying to help get the problem resolved, unfortunately this company doesn’t care if Amazon is on the line with you or not. Three out of the 4 cs reps wanted Jay, the Amazon rep, to get off the phone. I’m going to report them to the BBB.
After several reviews, I settled on this add on hard drive for my PS5. It is the best decision I made. The performance of this SSD is amazing. When I upgraded my PS4 to a FireCuda SSD, that was a great decision and they continue to provide the best products for great prices. Highly recommend.
Before installing my new SSD, I transferred all my console storage games to my 8TB external first. After installing my new SSD, as we speak, I am now transferring my PS5 games from my external now to my new SSD. After this is done, I will transfer all my PS4 games to my console storage! Happy camper here!! Thank you for the best price possible when it was $500+ (brand new) and was supposed to be delivered to me around January-ish, but just arrived today, 12.12.2022. Now, the price for this on Amazon is $700+. Talk about, timing!! So happy!! Thank you very much!! :)
It was easy to install, my downloads speeds increased. And paired with my external ssd I have so much memory now.
Did a lot of research on which m.2 ssd to buy (WD Black/Samsung/Firecuda) benchmark testing, PS5 only videos, and installed this particular drive in my ps5 for faster game loads.. the ssd i bought was the firecuda 1Tb version with heatsink - very simple to install.

Turned off and unplugged ps5. slide the lid/casing off the bottom of the ps5. Unscrew the ssd casing. position the screw and washer they provide down 1 notch to the 80mm mark and gently inserted the drive, hearing the click as the ssd drive slots in.

Then proceeded to turn on the ps5, which prompted me to format the usb drive… taking a few seconds to format and eventually giving a read speed of 6538.91MB/s as shown in the image - which is to be expected as i think ps5 bottlenecks this read speed around this value. Having a look at reviews of other ssd brands other customers have bought and reviewed.. they all seem to cap out at this 6500MB/s speed so i am very happy the SSD arrived on time (1 day delivery cos gamer), and is performing as expected.

Transferred Destiny 2 and Godfall ~103GB of data from the console storage to this m.2 SSD drive (go to an app, and press options -> move game data) - this took about 1 minute.. to transfer 100GB of data!! incredibly fast.
One thing i did not expect however was that my LAN cable was Disconnected during this data transfer - i did have to switch my ps5 off an on again as this seemed to bug out my lan connection entirely. So I deleted the current Wired Lan profile, restarted my PS5, and then set up my network connection again which fixed the issue - but this i suspect was possibly an intended software feature on Sony’s end. I would advise maybe disconnecting any LAN cables during data transfers to mitigate this

I didn’t test any Thermal production of the ssd drive however, as i didn’t have the tools to do so but from reading around this ssd drive with heatsink is the way to go, custom heatsinks offer ~15-20ºC reduction in cooling, however the drive with heatsink can get anywhere from ~20-30ºC reliably.

Loaded up Destiny 2 and everything was loading noticeabley faster than game storage - from title screen to loading into a game environment was very quick. Would recommend.
Purchased for a PS5.
Very very easy to install and be up and running, took just a few minutes.

Only thing I wish I had researched before is that putting this storage into a PS5 gives additional storage, it does not replace the original storage.
If I had realised it was addition and not replacing then I might have gone for the cheaper 1Tb version. As it is I now have nearly 2.8Tb……loads of storage for future.
オーダーしてから届くまで 25 日ほどかかりましたが、やっと届きましたのでさっそく PS5 に増設しました。

恐らく PS5 のカバーを取り外すところで一番苦労するのではないかと思いますが、オフィシャルはじめ取り外し方の動画が沢山あがっていますので是非ともそれらを御参考にしていただければと思いますが、一言でコツを言いますと「持ち上げるのではなく引いて(ずらして)外す」です。カバーは内部で嵌合しているツメで固定されていますのでカバー面に対して垂直に持ち上げ(引っ張って)も浮くだけでけして外れません。少しだけ浮かせたら、そのままカバー面に対して平行にすっと引く(ずらす)と思いのほかあっけなくスルっと外すことができます。

実際の取付は、PC と殆ど同じですが M.2 SSD 固定用のネジが結構きつめに締められていて、サイズ(番手)のあったドライバーでないとネジ穴をナメ易いと思います。ここで必要なのは +1(No.1) というサイズになりますが、これは 100 均で売っているドライバーセットで 4 本以上のセットであればほぼ間違いなく入っているので、もし手持ちのドライバーが +2 以上のものでしたらせっかくですから用意したほうが良いかと思います(ナメてしまった場合、100 均でドライバーセットを買うよりも代わりのネジを入手する方が遥かに面倒ですから…)。

SSD カバーと取り付けネジを外してしまえば、あとは静電気に気をつけながら本製品をスロットに差し込み、M.2 ネジとそのネジがささっていた銀色の小さな筒状の部品を、本製品のネジ穴の位置に移動させて締めて固定、SSD カバーを閉め、本体のカバーを元に戻せば物理的な作業は完了です(せっかくなので、PS5 のダストキャッチャーに埃が溜まっているかどうか確認して、あれば掃除してからカバーを戻しておきましょう。「PS5 ダストキャッチャー」で検索してみてください)。

PS5 を元通りに HDMI/電源 ケーブルなどを接続し直したら電源を投入すると、M.2 SSD が取り付けられたので初期化しますかという画面が出るので指示通りに初期化を行い、30秒もかからずに初期化が完了してこれで使用可能になります。その際、SSD の速度計測も行われて表示されます。自分の個体では 6,557.365MB/s でした(添付画像)。

実際には PS5/PS4 のゲームを本体内蔵 SSD と同様にインストール/移動させて利用することができ、体感的には全く本体内蔵 SSD と違いありませんので 1/2/4 TB モデルなら本体よりも大容量ですからメインでお使いになるもよし、たまにはプレイするといったタイトルを移動しておくもよしです。ただ、ゲームのスクリーンショットやキャプチャした動画データは内蔵 SSD にしか保存できないため、PS5 本体のキャプチャ機能で頻繁に動画を録っている方などはゲームは全て本製品に移動して、内蔵 SSD はキャプチャ専用に使ったほうが良いかもしれません。
4TB with built-in heat sink. Being a console player, I honestly don’t know much about SSD drives or many techie things. So I was petrified when purchasing this. Contrary to some reviews, I can categorically confirm that this is PS5 compatible and it requires no calibration. It’s plug in and play. Added 4TB of memory to my PS5. The added 4TB memory works just the same as the internal memory does. You can download games to the SSD 4TB, you can update games and save progress is stored on it. It’s been an absolute life saver. Large games like COD and Warzone take up so much space that I was only ever able to have 5 or so games on my PS5. It was a never ending headache of what to delete next. If you can afford it, this is the solution. The loading times are the same, nothing slows down. I’ve noticed absolutely no changes or negatives since using this. I heard a lot of bad things about cheaper versions of SSD drives, and I didn’t want to ruin the capabilities of my PS5. So I therefore was happy to pay the price for the best I could find. I do find it absolutely disgusting that Playstation provide so little memory. But if you can afford it, I HIGHLY recommend this to all PS5 owners.
The drive exceeded the advertised read/writes with 7391/6144 right out of the box.

Test System: X570/5900X/RTX 3090/64GB

The temp peaked to 55*C in the Crystal Disk bench. Office is fairly cool and the drive is idling at 38*C, but I figured this would be the case since it sits in the first M.2 slot on my X570 motherboard. Air needs to channel between the RAM and GPU to reach it, honestly - it’s a terrible placement for these Gen4 NVMe since they can generate so much heat. My second M.2 slot is covered by the GPU and I already have a slower NVMe in it for extra storage.

Only purchased since my previous NVMe, Aorus Gen4 (the all copper launch one), died due to overheating. That drive was idling at 55*C and those first gen Phison controllers haven’t earned a great reputation for reliability.

The biggest reason for buying this drive is the endurance rating for the drive and that it could possibly generate less heat since the memory is limited to 1,200 MTps vs. 1,600 MTps. Definitely on the pricier side of similar 1TB NVMe drives (980 Pro, KC3000, SN850, Rocket 4 Plus, and Platinum P41), but it’s also has the highest endurance rating out of all of them and free data recovery for 3-years.