SEKI EDGE SS-902- Stainless Steel Moustache Scissors

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Brand Seki EDGE
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 2 x 1 x 5 inches
  • USE: Shapes and trims course moustache and beard hair with ease
  • FUNCTION: Sharp serrated cutting edges catch and hold hair when cutting to prevent slipping
  • DESIGN: Slender blades to easily trims in tight places
  • CONVENIENT: Excellent for traveling
  • PROFESSIONAL: Appropriate for professional use
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
Works as advertised would buy again
The serration on these make a big difference in preventing hairs from slipping out of the blades.

These are identical to the Green Bell pair, so buy whichever is a lower price.
Great scissors, bad seller.
Like every other Seki Edge item, you’re paying for quality. This is really sturdily constructed with great ergonomics and sharp blades. No lateral play in the fastening rivet, so it cuts close and precisely. I highly recommend, you won’t have to buy another pair of these - it’s the same for their nail clippers... spend a little bit more once and you’ll have it for life. Wish they included a small case though
You can’t find a better pair of scissors to trim your beard with than these. These are the ones you have been looking for.
5 star simply for how sharp they are out of the box. The handles are a little uncomfortable and they are expensive for some tiny scissors but what can I say, I love how sharp they are and easy to trim my messy and wiry facial hair. Love all Seki products.
I was a little worried when I purchsed these scissors because of the inconsistent reviews for this product but I couldn’t be more happy with my purchse. The quality of this item is excellent compared to other products and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I love that these scissors are actual stainless steel and not a cheaper nickel coated version like some other brands. The size of these scissors is perfect for their task and the finger holes should work for any man with small to medium size hands. The serrations really helped to provide a clean cut without the hairs moving around. Several reveiwers have said that the tips of the scissors are much to sharp. I disagree with this point. Yes, they are a pointed tip but they are not overly sharp. If you want something that’s more blunt get rounded tip scissors. Like any bladed instrument, care should be taken when used around the face or body. Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another pair if I lost these.
I have medium sized handsand the scissors fit fine,

I especially like the little flange -- or whatever you want to call it that flares off the side of one of the finger holes. It allows for precise handling of the scissors.

I agree that they are quite sharp and pointed and if you aren’t careful you can cut your face trying to get hairs at the corner of your mouth -- so I guess that means you have to be careful. My mother always told me I shouldn’t run while holding scissors either.

One reviewer says he would like scissors with rounded ends. In my opinion those are for nostril, not mustache, scissors and if these had rounded ends they would not be as effective; But that is just my opinion.
Quality item at outstanding price with quick delivery. Excellent service.
I’m very happy with them, they don’t slip, cut well and you don’t have to worry about puncturing your lip, the points are a little rounded.
Great scissors. A bit on the expensive side
Fantastic serrated scissors. I can catch individual hair to trim my moustache neatly. Very light, comfortable and cuts smoothly.
Quality is beautiful, was not expecting considering the price. I can see this lasting for several years easily.
You can buy with confidence.
I’ve always loved Japanese tools and these don’t disappoint. Well made and work very well.