Speedball Elegant Writer Calligraphy 4 Marker Set, Black

2.0 mm, 2.5 mm & 3.0 mm Chisel Nib Tip Pens for Drawing, Journaling, and Scrapbooking

Brand Speedball
Writing Instrument Form Marker Pen
Color Black
Ink Color Black
Age Range (Description) Adult
  • WIDE RANGE OF ARTISTIC POSSIBILITIES - Featuring 2.0, 2.5 & 3.0 mm Chisel tip nibs offering artists unlimited lettering creativity
  • CREATE BEAUTIFUL LETTERING PROJECTS - Ideal for making beautiful invitations, holiday cards, gift tags and more
  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS & CRAFTERS - Makes it easy to form calligraphic letters
  • CRISP NIBS & ACID-FREE INK - Markers feature free-flowing, non-toxic, acid-free ink with the AP seal
  • 4 MARKER SET - All black marker set includes (2) 2.0 mm markers, (1) 2.5 mm marker, & (1) 3.0 mm marker
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
These pens are excellent for writing in my journal. The varying nub sizes are helpful for projects. Very fast delivery.
This is my first set and I am happy
My greeting cards
I have used them to create a watercolor type image. Drawer then use a watercolor brush to spread color around. These are all the same tones just different thicknesses
It’s easy to use for calligraphy especially for beginners.
i’m not a calligrapher, but it would be nice if the pen body design can help me index what the orientation the pen head is with out looking at it
I do recommend these pens for anyone who wishes to learn, or has a project to complete, but they are not for the long term hobbyist. For the price paid - under $8.00 - this was a ("meh") fair purchase. You get four markers - two of the 2.0mm nib size, one each of the 2.5mm and 3.0mm. They write nicely, especially if you have some experience in calligraphy. For a beginner, they are a great tool for learning the basic strokes, lettering, and practicing the artistic tempo (writing with creative artistry) of calligraphy style of writing. That said, my one disappointment was half-expected... they don’t last very long if you’re writing a lot. Both of my 2.0 pens and the 2.5 are near empty. With each one, I can write 2-3 letters before it starts skipping, making faded-looking lines. If I put the cap on and let it rest, I can get another 2-3 letters. You catch my drift? In total, I wrote about 45 pages worth of practicing letters and writing short phrases. So that equates to roughly 15 pages per pen. I bought these purely for learning and practicing, so they have served their purpose. I want to continue with the art and am looking into buying a traditional pen and ink.

The 2.0 nib works well enough for writing, but keep in mind the letters will be of a larger size which takes up more space. (Think font size 30). The 2.5 and 3.0 compound this (think font size 48-60). Generally, the 2.0 nib is considered broad. I would have preferred a medium 1.3 and a fine 0.8 nib in order to write closer to normal sized font of 10-20.

I have the added complexity of being left-handed, so writing in calligraphy style is different in that you push the pen forward toward the right side of the page, whereas a right-handed person pulls it along. The calligraphy nib is a flat edge, so to get the thickness and thinness of the lines to look right on the page, I had to turn the paper sideways to write. If you’re left-handed, you know what I mean, and if you’re right-handed hopefully you understand. I bring it up because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to write properly with these markers, and hope to help others who may be thinking the same thing. You CAN do it, just turn the paper and experiment until you find the right angle. Happy Writing!
watched an art video where the teacher used these pens and had to try them. They are made for calligraphy but they are so much fun to use along with a brush a water. The ink separates when water touches it so you end up with a variety of colors based on how heavily you apply the ink or the water (dark blue-ish, blue-green, purply pinks). The picture I included was my first attempt at using the pens & water to sketch. So much fun! The only down-side is that they are NOT archival (in other words, they will fade over time). Fyi, i also bought the permanent version of these pens and the ink does not move/separate with water or alcohol.
Let’s make this clear - don’t buy these pens hoping to use them as-is for writing, as they are terrible when you try. They’re not pleasant to write with, and can be scratchy to use - I cut the tip of one to make it a chisel nib, which made it a little better, but not by much.

No, the reason you want these pens is because of the ink they use. Normally, it would be nothing special, but adding water separates it into beautiful blues, greens, and purples, meaning you can get really beautiful effects with ink and wash pieces. You can scribble the pen onto plastic, metal etc and add water, but you’ll get better effects if you apply the pen straight to the paper and then brush with water afterwards. The effects can be pretty unpredictable, but are always beautiful. High recommended as an art tool, but not as a writing implement.
I love the pens. I wanted them for their ability to run when I wet them which they do just great, They did get here by the delivery time stated which was about a week from ordering, I thought this was rather slow as usually I get things within a day or two.
I bought these pens not to write with (although I do calligraphy) but to draw with as people were recommending them for use with water brushes/paint brushes. When you apply water to the ink from these pens you get wonderful pink and turquoise shades so you can have all sorts of great effects with them!
I bought these as a gift for my arty mum - it is not obvious from the packaging or description, but if you use these pens on wet media, the colours that constitute the black are separated chromatographically, and you get lovely bleeding blue/green and pink/purple.
Great to use on holiday as one only needs this ,a brush, pad of good cartridge paper and a bottle of water to produce interesting line and wash paintings