Suvorna Condor 5” Beard scissors for men, Mustache scissors

Grooming scissors, Professional hair scissors, Beard trimming scissors, Mustache trimming scissors, Barber scissors, Hair cutting scissors.

Color Polished Steel
Material Stainless Steel
Brand Suvorna
Blade Material Alloy Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.8 x 5.1 x 0.8 inches
  • ⭐ Japanese J2 420 Steel: Our hair scissors for men, women, barbers, hairdressers, salon, and home made with finest j2 420 japanese steel. Professional hair shears made heat treated to rockwell hardness of 53-54 and mirror polished to a highly reflective smooth surface that resists moisture and oxidation. If you are searching a beard grooming scissors, haircut scissors, facial scissors, mustache scissors, professional trimming scissors, or hair cutting shears this will accomplish your desire.
  • 🎁 Gift Idea: If you want to give a surprise gift to a husband, dad, or friend who has a Mustache and Beard person these Moustache scissors are best and suitable for all types of beard, mustache, facial, nose trimming hairs, and eyebrow/sideburns amongst other growths of hair in different parts of the body. These multipurpose hair scissors can be used as barber scissors, Hair cutting scissors, beard and mustache scissors for men, facial hair trimming scissors, and hair grooming scissors men.
  • 💎 Sharp blades and ergonomic handle: Our hair styling scissors, facial scissors, beard trimming scissors for men with 2” sharp razor convex edge blades cut or trim your hair easily and ergonomic handle and grip which are hollow ground, make precision cuts. The golden coated tension adjustment knurled knob with backing plate allows for a fine-tuning and smooth motion for scissors comes with rubber finger inserts. We promise, you will not feel tired in your hand or fingers and disappoint.
  • ⭐ Precise cutting: The only trimming scissors for hair designed as a perfect tool for precise cutting or trimming of mustache, beard, nose, facial, eyebrow hair, and sideburns. Take control over your facial hairs, wear the look you want this hairdresser scissors, 5 inch hair scissors, hair cutting scissors professional, 5 inch barber scissors for men, shears for hair cutting professional, trimming scissors for pubic hair or dry cutting shears professional easy to carry around while traveling.
  • 💯 60 Days free return & warranty: If there is a problem with when best beard and hair scissors japanese received, we will replace it with a completely new one. If you don’t absolutely love this beard cutting scissors for men, or scissors for beard and mustache return it in 60 days time to get a 100% unburdened refund. we take pride in our craftsmanship and product quality. Our high quality scissors professional gives us the lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
Great item, fast shipping.
They look nice and work well. No complaints. And I’m a lefty.
The scissors that I’d been using for beard-trimming for so many years finally gave up and the handle broke off. It wasn’t a fine scissors but it had served me well for a good number of years. So, being in the market for a new beard and mustache-trimming scissors took me to Amazon and some other websites in search of a replacement. I had decided to buy the best one I could find, or at least a good-quality scissors that I could reasonably expect to be satisfied with. Price wasn’t a concern to me. I think that no matter how many scissors one looks for and no matter how many good reviews they may get, there are some reviews that address short-comings that raise concerns. So, it seemed to be impossible, regardless of price, to find one that has no bad reviews or even issues that good reviews point out that distract me from making that choice. So, I finally decided to stop making myself nuts and just purchase the Suvorna 5” beard and mustache-trimming scissors. The reviews were largely fine and I decided that it was worth the go on it. It arrived just yesterday and so, admittedly, I don’t yet have a lot of experience with it. But I will note here that my initial use of it was very positive, indeed. To back up for a moment, though, I’ll mention that it arrived quickly, nicely packaged. It came with an extra rubber ”finger-cussion” (if that’s what it’s called) for inside the finger-holes. I don’t know if I’ll continue to use the ones that are already on there, though, because they do feel slightly small for my fingers and I’d say that I have normal-sized hands for a 6-foot tall guy. They aren’t particularly uncomfortable with the rubber in there but I don’t think that they are necessary for anyone unless they have particularly small fingers. The scissors came packaged with a genuine leather holder which is a nice touch. So...back to the use of the scissors: I did trim my beard and mustache with it last night to get a sense of its comfort and effectiveness. It did cut easily and I didn’t experience any pulling at all. It does feel substantial to the hand and I did feel like I was using a quality item. Again, admittedly, my experience with this scissors isn’t substantial and I will attempt to edit this review as time goes by and I’d used it more often. But, for starters, what I’ve written can be read with the grain of salt I’ve couched it in.

UPDATE: It’s now almost three-months since I bought this pair of scissors. I’ve used it many times and can report that it is still very good at what it does. I’m comfortable with this scissors and there’s no hair-pulling and it cut and trims smoothly and without incident.
I wanted to have a pair of scissors so I could cut wild beard hairs and help keep my top neck/lower chin line in check until I could see my stylist again. Works perfectly. Now, I don’t feel like my beard is growing a beard below my chin in-between appointments, and I feel more confident knowing I’m not a wildebeest when I go out. I absolutely prefer using these scissors over a trimmer for my upper lip, as I feel like I have more control. It comes with a handy storage pouch when not in use, so I don’t have to worry about dulling the scissors. I have been using mine for over 7 months and have not had a single issue. To my bearded brothers out there, buy these scissors, you won’t be disappointed.
I use it to cut my own hair and it works perfectly. The scissors are VERY(!) sharp, so be careful (I nicked my fingers while wiping them a couple times already). Although one may argue that they are meant for beard/mustache, they work for head hair equally well. They are also very comfortable to use. I also bought a pair of these scissors for my relatives and they have only positive things to say about them as well. I would buy these scissors again and highly recommend to anyone.
These appeared at first to be of perfect excellent quality, and they are the pair I go to, however, the plastic bump stop fell out after a few weeks or sporadic very light use, once or twice a week on average. I was able to put it back in place but shortly after it fell out again but I didn’t notice when it happened and never saw the bump stop again. About a week after the bump stop fell out the first time, one of the rubber pieces that go around the inside of the opening for your fingers to go through fell out, then the other, I was able to put them back again a couple times, but they just kept falling out and are now both missing along with the bump stop.
If not for that these would be great. Very sharp. Allows you to adjust how tight the two handles are held together- a must for me now that I’ve used these. I’d like to give 5 stars, and would if those are fixed or if they sent me a new pair that didnt have those issues.
It was a gift for our son, he loved it and is excited to use it.
The finger holes are a little smaller than I’d like, but I have larger fingers. Even with the tension screw fully tightened, it’s not as tight as I’d like, so the screw doesn’t do much for me. Scissors are sharp and seem to be well-made.
As someone else wrote: bit bulky and the ends are blunt.

These are beautifully crafted scissors and work extremely well. They are great for those with a beard but I would not use them on a moustache; the thickness and bluntness of the tips prohibits cutting individual hairs short.

I used to use curved cuticle scissors for the moustache and shall do so again.
Great very sharp scissors , comfortable to use .really happy with my purchase
I have a large beard and these are perfect for keeping it healthy and shaped , so far they have stayed nice and sharp.
These scissors appear to be very sharp. Have not had the opportunityto try them out, but looking forward to put them to good use.
I have now used these scissors multiple times to trim my hair and beard. They cut cleanly and work smoothly. The accompanying comb also seems to be of better quality than the combs for sale in local drug stores. All in all, an excellent purchase.