Terramar Adult Thermasilk Glove Liner

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I bought these to wear under my heavy gortex gloves for my upcoming trip to Antarctica. I am surprised how thin they are, although when you put them on they do seem to sort of seal in the heat from your hands. Where I live it’s not cold enough to ops check them in real world cold conditions, unless I can figure a way to fit inside my chest freezer to test them. I’m hoping these will work and keep my hands warm, I will report back after I return from Antarctica, providing I’m not pecked to death by a penguin.
Just used these in -0 weather skiing and snowmobiling in Utah and they were a lifesaver. Still need to add hand warmers, IMO, but they helped tremendously to hold in warmth. I highly recommend, won’t attempt braving the outdoors in freezing temps again without these babies! Velcro is the enemy and they do snag and pull, but you won’t care because they are snug and concealed inside of your waterproof outer gloves.
These gloves function well as liners for heavier winter gloves. The heavier gloves slide on easily and based on some hours spent outside in cold (only high teens to mid 20’s) my hands did not get cold. Also they worked well when operating my snow blower which generally results in cold hands from gripping the handles. So serving the purpose for which the glove liners were purchased I would say they are 5 star, BUT the silk fabric snags on the Velcro that the outer gloves use to draw the gloves tightly around ones wrists. Now I have strands of the glove liner fabric on virtually all of the fingers. Soon I think there will be holes. I was initially going to purchase a second pair because they functioned well, but not now. The gloves are too expensive to use sacrificial garments, I expect glove liners to last for years and not just a few months. Product needs re-evaluation of fabric version the purpose for which they were made. I work in R&D for a company and not considering such an obvious potential problem in the development stage would not be easily overlooked by management.
These are just what I’d hoped they would be. So thin and lightweight I can pick up a coin, attach my dog’s leash, etc., but warm enough for chilly days and thin enough to wear as a liner to heavier gloves on cold days.
I have been looking for this type of glove for a while. I like the texture and weight of the fabric as a glove liner in my ski gloves or mittens. I had trouble discerning the correct size. I wear a woman’s 8.5 or a men’s medium. The description at the time did not delineate whether the small, medium or large was for women or men. I now know that the large is a men’s large so when ordering be aware of that ladies.
I have horses in central WI and needed something that I could wear under heavy gloves so that I can perform fine motor tasks. These keep my hands protected for the brief times I have to work a snap or a zipper and add warmth under my gloves.
My husband gets cold hands during these Maine winters. These liners were the missing layer! He puts them on under his gloves and no more cold hands. Highly recommend!
Glad I got the extra large as they are a bit small. But work well inside my work mittens!