Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Facial Hair Scissors Model No. 29021-MG

  • Item Condition: 100% authentic, new and unused. Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Facial Hair Scissors Model No. 29021-MG.
  • Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Facial Hair Scissors Model No. 29021-MG: Buy Tweezerman Razors, Shavers Grooming Tools - Trim strays and neaten facial hair with precision. Rounded blade tip curves away from skin for safely cutting facial, nose and ear hairs. Cut visible hair only. Disinfect between uses.Details provided by Tweezerman.
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
If you have a mustache, or mustache and beard, you are likely to find yourself wanting to make adjustments at least once a day. Having tried a good number of alternatives, these Tweezerman scissors have proven to be the best I’ve seen. Why?

• Sharp blades that cut smoothly and consistently
• Blunted ends that will not poke into your lips
• Slight but comfortable curve to the blades that makes it easy to follow your lip line
• Comfortable finger grips.

I’ve had mine for about a month and am very pleased.
It is well constructed and clips hair. What more could you want?
They work as expected and are very comfortable to grasp when used for their intended purpose. Unlike Tweezerman’s shoddy nail scissors, I find this product to be built with quality materials and it feels like it will hold up for many years.
This is a replacement for a pair that I misplaced. Good quality product that did the job as expected
I had a pair for many years that were extremely sharp and cut very smoothly. I didn’t hesitate to buy them again after bending them out of shape accidentally. Unfortunately, after just a month( I’m looking for a replacement. They are neither as sharp or cut as smoothly, making it easier to break skin. It’s a clear drop in manufacturing quality. The first pair were a very good buy!
I love that the scissors are high quality and cut cleanly and precisely while having a tip and edge that protect me from stabbing myself.
I use these for beard trimming and nose hair. They’re great for facial hair, they cut smoothly with no tugging. And the blunt tips are nice for nose hair. The hinge is not loose like many cheap grooming scissors. Would buy again.
I bought these to be used for trimming nose hairs only. Even though the price seemed a bit high in comparison to the many other brands, I bought the trimmer because it was made from high grade stainless steel, small, and made in Italy.
I was not disappointed because they are very sharp, tips are rounded to protect the nose from being poked or cut, they cut precisely, and my fingers (thick) fit the finger loops making it easy to use. The quality is tops, and I would highly recommend these for purchase.
I initially made the mistake of buying a cheap pair... they didn’t work at all, couldn’t even cut a single hair. So chucked them in the bin and bought these instead, and they’re the absolute business. They cut really well, and the curved design is great. Yeah they’re expensive, but you could argue that I would have saved money if I’d got these straight away, instead of buying the rubbish ones first.
Best scissors I’ve ever had for trimming nose hair - the blunt end and sharp-ish sides have saved me embarrassment and pain in equal measure over the years. I just wish my wife and kids would stop taking them...
Good quality, does the job, husband pleased with product
Either fake or Tweezerman quality has really gone down hill.
Bought this company’s Tweezers in the past. These scissors are brilliant, excellent quality Stainless Steel, a bit pricey but they do a great job.