Wilton B.A.S.H 12” Soft Face Sledge Hammer, 4 Lb (40412)

Handle Material Alloy Steel
Color Green
Item Weight 5.4 Pounds
Grip Type Ergonomic
  • TRADEMARK GREEN SOFT-FACE HEAD: Drop forged, hi-vis head is hardened to 30HRC. Specifically designed to mushroom, not chip, when striking hard base materials.
  • NO-SLIP GRIP: Vulcanized rubber handle for secure grip while striking.
  • UNBREAKABLE HANDLE TECHNOLOGY: Steel core eliminates breaking during overstrikes.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Shaped and thickened for improved comfort and less vibration.
  • SAFETY PLATE: Locks head firmly to handle and prevents head from dislodging.
  • ANTI-VIBE NECK: Tapered design eliminates vibration from striking.
Product introduction
Comment And Reviews
Great looking hammer in person, postures looked iffy but in person it’s better. The handle is awesome, has some tough rubber coating that makes holding it easy. My estwing gave out after a few years and I thought I’d try a soft face hammer to prevent mushrooming parts and punches. If estwing made a soft face I would’ve gotten that one, props to Wilton for a great variety of hammer weights and options! Plus it’s hecho en Mexico.
Great hammer, easy to hold and works great for a4 lb hammer. Didn’t like that my handle came dirty like it’s been used a few times before. And the masking tape around the head like it just got painted...
By far the best Hammer I have ever bought especially for the automotive industry
Yes, it’s a sledge hammer. If it holds up as well as the reviews claim, I’ll be a happy customer.
Great product!
I was surprised at how heavy this little thing is--and immediately classed it along with my garden mattock as Potentially Extremely Damaging to the Unwary. It’s a great size for knocking things loose one-handed, but you don’t want to let it slip. I’d been looking for a five-pound sledge, but this does the job just fine.
The best hammers out there. The handle won’t break, the head won’t come off& the head won’t chip.